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Making A Public Speaking Presentation

By: - Public Speaking - February 14, 2011
public speaking anxiety

A lot of people can’t stand making a public speaking presentation because they have a problem called ‘public speaking anxiety’. This doesn’t mean that they just get nervous when talking before people. These sufferers literally come down with the shakes, start crying, and can actually faint or hurt themselves while trying to give a speech. Public speaking anxiety can be very detrimental to a person’s whole lifestyle. A person may not want to speak in front of a small group or even speak their mind to a family member because of their public speaking anxiety. This can be a very horrible feeling and causes more mental and emotional problems if gone untreated.

There are medicines and self help techniques to help patients deal with their public speaking anxiety but if you have a public speaking presentation tomorrow how can you get help right away? Well, by using relaxation techniques you can actually calm yourself down and with using a little bit of psychology you can make it through your public speaking presentation with no problem. All you have to do is try to relax and get the negative feelings and thoughts out of your body by filling it up with positive thoughts. This sounds so easy but for those who suffer from public speaking anxiety, you can’t help but to feel like everyone is going to laugh at you. What needs to be realized is that people listening to you making a public speaking presentation are not there to judge you and laugh at you; these people are actually there to support you because there are so many other places they could be at the time. Now this may seem hard to believe when you are younger and in middle school making a presentation but being in front of your friends and classmates is so much easier than being in front of a billion people at one time.

By staying away from caffeine, alcohol, drugs (including nicotine) and other unhealthy substances you can actually prevent yourself from being nervous during your public speaking presentation. Your public speaking anxiety can go away as long as you believe and think each and every good things about yourself and stop judging yourself. We as people judge ourselves more than others around us. Pass a good judgment on yourself and you will definitely notice that everyone listening will be happy to join in with you.

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