Pruning Apple Trees - Learn The Right Method

Pruning Apple Trees – Learn The Right Method

By: - Gardening - September 19, 2011
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When it comes to pruning apple trees, there are certain times you should prune and certain methods you should use when pruning. The goal of pruning apple trees will be to actually train and strengthen the branches of the trees, leading to an overall tree that produces excellent fruit. When employing the correct methods, you will have a tree that is strong and is able to hold bushels of delicious apples. Improper pruning can lead to a tree that is weak and bears less than delectable fruits.

There are two types of pruning that should be done on apple trees. They are dormant pruning and summer pruning. Dormant pruning is done when the fruit has all fallen and it is becoming winter time. Heavy pruning at this time is not recommended as the tree will respond in the spring by growing small, week vegetation that will shade and keep the strong branches from growing strong. Summer pruning is more of a thinning of branches that look weak or that are believed to inhibit the growth of stronger branches. You should wait until the tree has flowered, but before fruit begins to go in order to prune in the summer.

There are three main types of cuts you will use when pruning apple trees. These are the thinning cut, heading cut and bench cut. The thinning cut is just as it sounds, you will be thinning the tree to make sure the strongest and most vital branches are able to grow. You may also remove side shoots if necessary. The heading cut removes only part of the shoot, the terminal part. When you do this, you promote the growth of lower buds to grow. Heading cuts are mostly only used on young trees. The bench cut is used to open the middle of the tree up and encourage branches to grow outwards instead of upwards.

Very similar to pruning apple trees, pruning peach trees will use many of the same methods, so if you know how to prune one tree, you can prune both. The dormant type of pruning peach trees is done later than the apple trees simply because they grow at a bit of a slower rate and blossom later than apple trees. Only plum trees are typically pruned later than peach trees. Pruning peach trees is essential if you want a strong tree that will grow beautiful, sweet peaches.