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Making Your N64 EMU Experience Better

By: - Games - June 8, 2011
project 64 plugins

Video game console emulator Project64 was first released on May 26, 2001.  The system employs a plug-in system which allows 3rd party programmers and enthusiasts to develop their own implementation of particular components.  The Project64 plugins have made it possible to change the experience of an EMU on your pc into one that more closely resembles what you would expect to see on the classic machines.  Old school gamers often pride themselves that they play their classic games on the old systems but many consumers don’t have access to those systems or the cartridges that they came with.
What is available for Project64 users is a large selection of plugins.  The plugins allow you to tweak your system and sort of usher the classic games into the modern era of gaming without losing everything you love about the game itself. Visual improvements are usually made by enhancing the 3D model texture and using anti-aliasing techniques to smooth the rough edges of the polygons.
Some of the neatest Project64 plugins are the custom texture packs.  The techniques for making them involve taking the original graphics of the game out and redoing them using high resolution textures or a different graphic style altogether.  Then the graphics are reinserted for playback on the PC.  The packs are zipped files you can download and use in combination with the original game ROM and certain emulators.  Keep in mind, though, that not all games have texture packs available for them, as a texture Project64 plugin takes a lot of time and effort to create.
Texture packs are not the only Project64 plugins available.  Plugins are available for controllers and audio as well.  Controller plugins allow the user to use a keyboard or joystick or even controller emulators for games that traditionally only supported use of a gamepad style controller.  The plug-ins for controllers also fix bugs in various games that cause controlling malfunctions. Audio packs exist to fix various problems with the audio functionality of emulated games.
If you are a serious P64 gamer, a Project64 plugin is likely to make your experience much better as it tweaks various aspects of gameplay.   You may have to do some searching to find the right Project64 plugin for the games you have but the time spent tracking it down is well worth it.  Message boards and forums dedicated to Project64 are a great place to look for these as if they aren’t available in the forum, someone may know where to find them.
It’s a great thing for those classic gamers who want the feel of nostalgia that comes from recreating something from their youth.

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