Principal Dental Insurance Options For Full Dental Insurance

Principal Dental Insurance – Options For Full Dental Insurance

By: - Health & Fitness - November 29, 2011
principal dental insurance options for full dental insurance

Dental insurance is highly sought after and can be very important for your overall health and well-being. In a recent poll done on workers across the country, 70% of all employees who received benefits through their employer said that dental insurance was a highly sought after benefit of their employment. It is important to have full dental insurance not only to keep your teeth healthy, but also to avoid extremely costly problems down the road, such as dentures. One of the more well known brands of insurance across the nation is Principal dental insurance.

Even if you have not heard of Principal dental insurance, you have certainly heard of the Principal Financial Group who offers all types of insurance products. It has been in business for many years and is a well respected company. Since the Principal insurance products are backed by the Principal Financial Group, there is no need to worry that you will not get the financial support you have grown to know and expect from an insurance product. Principal encourages its customers to place just as much importance on their dental health as they would their overall medical health. Principal insurance is offered primarily through employer sponsored plans only.

There are four different types of Principal dental insurance offered by the company. The first of these is called the Principal dental PPO plan. This PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization is a full dental insurance option and is a very popular plan offered by Principal. When you are part of a PPO plan, you will have the ability to choose your own dentist and get a lot of discounted rates as you go through most dental procedures.  Through this PPO plan, if you choose a dentist that is in the network, you will get even more benefits than if you choose one outside of the network. The typical savings when under the PPO plan is about 25%.

Principal also offers a plan called the Exclusive Provider Organization dental plan. This plan is only available in select California markets. With this plan, members are only allowed to see a select number of dentists but the savings are quite significant. Principal chooses the dentists in this plan very carefully and like all the other Principal plans, it is backed by the financial power of the Principal Financial Group.

The third plan offered by Principal is employer paid dental insurance. This is the main product of the Principal insurance offerings. This plan is paid for by employers in a cost sharing understanding. This official plan allows employers to choose different arrangements for contributions and they can decide the amount they spend on premiums.  This type of plan will cover all preventative services like cleanings and x-rays and will offer significant discounts on major work like orthodontics.

The fourth plan offered by Principal is called a voluntary employee-paid dental insurance. This is for employees who do not receive traditional full dental insurance from their employers but is offered from the employer. This is more of a group plan where individual employees pay into a group pool in order to help pay for their dental costs. This is a very flexible plan and can be used in many ways.

In order to get insurance through Principal, you need to speak with your employer or contact a local Principal representative for more information on the available plans. It can be very helpful to have dental insurance, as dental costs go up each year based on national averages.