Presto Electric Skillet

A Must-Have For Today's Kitchen

By: - Cooking - July 14, 2011
presto electric skillet a must have for todays kitchen

Don’t consider yourself a gourmet?  Or do you love to cook and even create some of your own tasty recipes for your friends and family?  No matter your level of expertise in the kitchen, using a Presto electric skillet can mean preparing a wide array of dishes and being able to do so safety and conveniently.

In some cases it may be preferred to use a pan of this variety as opposed to a pan you use on the stove.  You can control the temperature, it uses less energy than standard cook tops, and if you have a gas range, you don’t need to worry about open flames.  Presto electric skillets also make for great gifts for college students, those in small apartments with limited cooking space, and for use in a recreation vehicle.

To better understand the use of a good Presto electric skillet, consider how they’re used and some additional advantages they have.  You may realize that no matter your abilities in the kitchen, this is one handy gadget you absolutely must have!

The Dishes You Can Prepare:

Believe it or not, there may actually be more dishes you can prepare with this skillet than what you would prepare on a cook top, simply because of safety and convenience.  As an example, you may hesitate to use oil in a cast iron pan or even a deep pan on a burner since it can spill over and cause flare-ups.  When you use a covered skillet without an open gas flame, you can use oil and butter and other ingredients in greater quantities to your heart’s content.

The lip or edge of the skillet also means that it’s easier to cook some items such as pancakes or greasy foods that would spill and run off a regular pan.  A cover on the skillet also protects the chef from spatters.  You can also use them to create mixed dishes that you simply need to keep hot, such as Asian foods to which you want to add rice and allow to simmer.  This is often very difficult to do with a regular pan on the stovetop.

Using a cover on your Presto electric skillets also means that you can actually bake in this skillet and not just fry or grill.  The temperature control means you can have perfect biscuits, casseroles, and even cakes and breads.  When you use a tabletop model such as these to cook, you don’t need to heat your entire house or kitchen with your stove the way you would do otherwise.

Other Surprising Benefits:

You may be considering a good Presto electric skillet for your kitchen, but consider some others that may benefit from this handy tool and other places they can be used.  As an example, when someone goes camping either with a tent or in a camper, they need to pack light and may have limited cooking space.  Most campgrounds come with electrical hookups even for tent areas, so a nice plug-in skillet can give them more options for food prep.  It can also mean having an extra burner in the camper which is very convenient when cooking for many people.

Students living in dorms may also need to rely on hot plates and plug-in appliances for their cooking since they rarely have any kitchen area at all.  Presto electric skillets for these people can mean a nice break from their standard microwave options.  It can mean additional cooking space for them as well, even if they do have a hot plate at their disposal.

On the opposite side of the coin, plug-in appliances like these can be a welcome gift for those who have large families and prepare big meals.  Often they’re stretched for pots and pans and use every burner on their stove for preparing meals and special dinners.  This means they have one more option for themselves and don’t need to worry about cutting back on any dishes they want to prepare.  Larger models can also be helpful for larger families since they can cook everyone’s food at once, rather than making someone wait for the next batch of pancakes or the next set of grilled cheese sandwiches!