Preschool Mothers Day Crafts - Easy Step By Step Crafts

Preschool Mothers Day Crafts – Easy Step By Step Crafts

By: - Crafts - September 22, 2011
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If you are looking for some preschool Mothers Day crafts for you class, there are many beautiful and unique ideas that your students can make and their mothers can enjoy. Mothers Day is always special for mothers of toddlers and preschool age children, especially when the children make the crafts themselves.  The first of a couple preschool Mothers Day crafts focuses on relaxation:

This craft will take about an hour and is called “A Touch of Tea”. You will need to gather, for each student, 1 piece of card stock that is 8 ½ x 11, scissors, staples, tape, glue, string and a teabag. You will probably need to prepare the cardstock by folding it in half widthwise and drawing a tea cup on one side. The handle of the teapot should be touching the fold.

With safety scissors, have your students cut out the teacup, reminding them to stay as close to the lines as possible. Open the teacup and place a string in there with glue or tape. Additionally glue or tape a smaller piece of card stock to the other end of the string. Write a message on that tag such as “I Love You Mommy”.  On the other side of the teacup, take a piece of strong tape and attach a teabag to the top of the paper, so that when it is closed, you can see the tea bag sticking out. Underneath it, write a message like “You are my cup of tea”.

If some preschool Mothers Day crafts seem too advanced, there are Mother’s Day crafts for toddlers as well. One very simple one simply takes washable paint, blank card stock, potpourri, glue and a simple permanent marker. You will simply be making your students hand prints on the card stock with the paint. When the paint is dry, it can turn into several Mothers Day crafts for toddlers, but if you want to stick with this one, apply glue to the edges of the card stock and have your students place pieces of potpourri all around the edge. When the glue is dry, write a message to mom in the center. The more creative, the better!

Mothers Day crafts for toddlers are quite popular and the kids will love doing them. Though there are many crafts out there, the best crafts and ideas for Mothers Day always come directly from the heart.  If you are looking for more ideas, the internet is a great place for more crafts, perfect for all ages.

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