Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck

Effects Of Abdominoplasty

By: - Beauty - September 6, 2011
pregnancy after tummy tuck effects of abdominoplasty

For many women who have gone through the process of pregnancy and child birth, the condition of the skin following the birth can be to some an unsightly one and therefore many consider visiting their physicians in the hopes of gaining a referral to a plastic surgeon.  This process is known as abdominoplasty, or a pregnancy after tummy tuck.  It involves the process of surgically extracting the fat and excess skin from the abdominal area and the lower area that was affected by the pregnancy, therefore the term ‘abdominoplasty.’  The desired result, as you can well imagine is the figure that the woman had prior to pregnancy.  But the question remains about abdominoplasty before and after the process.  Can there be a safe pregnancy after tummy tuck?

The procedure of abdominoplasty (pregnancy after tummy tuck) also results in the muscles in the abdominal region being significantly tightened with the much sought after result of a flatter tummy and in some situations even a reduced waist size.  Scars that result because of the tummy tuck are placed as such not to be anywhere above the waistline of underwear or even your favourite swim suit.  After several such pregnancies in which the skin is left sagging and unable to retain its elasticity to reform again, it is no wonder that this abdominoplasty before and after results speak for themselves.  But what of pregnancy after tummy tuck?  Is it possible to have another child and go through the process of seeing your stomach expand with the growth of the foetus without incurring some risk to the same abdominal region that you had surgically tucked in again?  Generally it is recommended that those women who aren’t entire certain about the possibility of future pregnancies and who plan on expanding their families further should postpone the idea of acquiring a tummy tuck as muscles in the abdomen and lower area that were tightened will undergo the process of expanding again as the foetus grows and become separated once again.  As opposed to the caesarean extractions in relation to the tummy tuck, the surgery involved actually proceeds into the uterine area and poses a greater risk to the health of the unborn child than the standard child birth in relation to the tummy tuck.  Where a regular birth is concerned, pregnancy after tummy tuck won’t affect the health of your child.

The general consensus among most surgeons specializing in plastic surgery is again that the woman should wait until she is certain that she will not have any other children before undergoing a tummy tuck and pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery.  Although there is no actual danger to the child, the results of restretching the abdominal area again may result in an irreparable abdominal region after the child is born that plastic surgery may not be able to repair.  Therefore, abdominoplasty before and after (pregnancy after tummy tuck) depends on whether there is another pregnancy after tummy tuck.

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