Prefold Cloth Diapers

– What Every Mother Should Know

By: - Babies - June 7, 2011
prefold cloth diapers

No mother can deny that prefold cloth diapers are the perfect answer to simplicity and ease because they are hardly that.  Mothers that use them do so out of a conscious choice to put their babies into natural things and avoid the chemicals associated with the average packaged diaper.  Most importantly, many like the prefold cloth diaper because it can be washed, as well as it being easier to store and you do not have to keep buying new ones every week.  However, using them needs some practice.

Your greatest concern when using prefold cloth diapers is more about which fastener to use and how many folds to use.  You can cover the diaper or let your youngster go without their cover and get some fresh air flowing to prevent any diaper rash.  A prefold cloth diaper can include a simple angel wing type formation, a twisted bikini look or even the folded and thrown newspaper thing.  The choice is really yours.  Some mothers prefer to still use safety pins for keeping the diapers on, versus fiddling with any three folded diaper.  Once your baby begins to move about, especially if they are crawling or starting to walk, you need to avoid Velcro straps as they just make too snug a diaper.  The fact is that the old fashioned folds never fail, so if you can find someone to teach you, try these folds for additional easy use, on top of the ones already mentioned – the jellyroll  fold.

Prefold cloth diapers are best when pinned, a cover pulled on to protect baby’s clothes, your furniture and your clothes.  If you are concerned that using a prefold cloth diaper may be dangerous because of using pins, think again.  Most of our own mothers used them and so on before them for many generations.  In fact, up until modern plastic diapers were invented in the 50s and 60s, there were no such things as anything else, but cloth diapers and women coped and babies did not get injured in huge amounts.  If you use pin cushions to store your diaper pins, and keep this out of reach, there is no excuse for accidents, right?

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