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By: - College and University - June 7, 2011
precalculus with limits

Are you breaking into a cold sweat at the thought of precalculus with limits or even doing a precalculus online course? If not, I am doing it for both of us because calculus is not easy.  However, the book about this is interesting because it was written by top professors in the subject who have a much better idea of how to teach maths than most students would have ever imagined.

Precalculus with Limits is a an actual textbook that was written by experts and has since been converted into an online program, a software that helps students as well as teachers to understand calculus and other related topics.  This precalculus online course may seem daunting, but it is proving to be one of the top methods being used to teach calculus and pre-calculus in modern, mainstream colleges.  Began in the 70s, the prototype for the book has advanced since then, making learning algebra and pre-calculus easier.  Though some of us still struggle with the concepts because we are simply not mathematically inclined like you are.

Precalculus with limits delves into varied topics, including graphing, algorithms and numerical analysis.  Published in the US, it contains over a thousand pages.  As students advance to higher levels, this textbook provides easy access, user-friendliness and helps students to learn how to apply algebraic type solutions to their new work.  In fact, it takes what has been taught and builds upon that foundation. Pre-calculus online is just a mere extension of this already worthwhile and real value for money book for learning maths.  However, you should consider your learning style and capabilities before attempting to keep pace with this book and calculus in general.  What makes it easier for some students is the pictorial representations found within that benefit visual type learners.  Those who work better with the sequences will find the visual method frustrating and impossible, so they too have their own representations within the book.  The question really is if you want to learn, then are you willing to work with a book that a proven record of helping students.  What is your choice?

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