Prank Call Generator - Harmless Fun

Prank Call Generator – Harmless Fun

By: - Humor - September 23, 2011
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A prank call generator is a fun way to trick your friends and family especially when they have a special meaning, for instance you can have Arnold Schwarzenegger call your mom to wish her happy birthday.  Though it won’t be the real Terminator, they do have prank calling websites with all kinds of recordings you can use to prank people you know.

There are many types of prank calling websites and many have a prank call generator that you can even customize yourself. When you go to the prank calling websites, on some of them you will find a wide variety of pre recorded pranks that you can either send to your friends from the site by typing their phone number in, or blocking your own number and playing the message through your phone to theirs.  Even if your friend doesn’t answer the phone, you can also just leave this prank message on their voice mail.

Another way that these sites with is with a prank call generator. You can actually type what you want the program to say, from simple and innocent “Happy Birthday from Your Secret Admirer” to totally making fun of your friend as only other friends can do. They will keep your phone number hidden, so the only way your friend will know who actually called them will be for you to actually fill them in on the generator you used.

Before using one of these sites, there are some things you should keep in mind. Though these can be a lot of fun, it is recommended for you to never prank someone with a fake emergency situation and always think ahead as to the consequences of this prank. Most of them will have no consequences at all, but some can have consequences and you should be aware of what you are doing when making these calls. Do not scare anyone badly, this should all be in good fun!

Also be aware when you use some of these sites there will be a charge associated with the use. Some of them are monthly charges, others may be a few cents per prank call. You may have to enter a credit card number or PayPal number.  Though it usually isn’t a lot, about $5 per month on most sites, you should be aware just in case. There are certainly free sites out there as well that allow you to send prank messages, but they may not have all the features you are looking for.

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