Powerline Ethernet Adapter

The Catalyst To Fast Internet?

By: - Consumer Electronics - April 6, 2011
powerline ethernet adapter the catalyst to fast internet

The need for high speed connectivity and fast internet connections have propelled power line Ethernet adapters to a very prominent position in the market. These adapters have been around for quite some time, but many people didn’t really require these adapters, but since the need for high speed internet connections has risen, especially in places such as gaming zones and internet cafes, it has become increasingly important for the people to be able to get a faster connection. For this reason, the need for a power line Ethernet adapter is important.

However, you must understand that the job of a power line Ethernet adapter is to speed up your LAN connectivity, which is the connection you establish between two or more computers. It does not speed up your WAN connection, which is technically your access to the internet. Hence, if you are using a dial up modem are thinking that a power line Ethernet adapter would increase your speed, you are highly mistaken. It will only speed up the data transfer between two computers.

As mentioned above, this adapter is particularly useful in places such as gaming zones and internet cafes, because data transfer between two or more nodes is vital in these places. Companies advertise that the achievable speed with the help of these HD Ethernet adapters is somewhere around 85 to 200 mpbs, whereas you can only get speeds that lie somewhere in the bracket of 15 to 50 mbps.

You must also understand that the greater the distance from the node to the adapter, the slower might the data transfer become. The data transfer speed is directly proportional to the distance from the adapter to the node, which is why it is generally advised that you place the two close by in order to get the full benefits of the HD Ethernet adapter.

Now, if you compare the HD Ethernet adapter to wireless technology, there are several benefits that stand out. First of all, Ethernet adapters provide better bandwidth compared to its rival, whereas better connectivity is also provided by these adapters in large areas. If you are thinking of establishing a gaming zone or an internet café, it would be advised that you opt for Ethernet adapters rather than a Wi Fi mode, as you would get better connectivity between your nodes and servers as well as faster data transfers, reducing latency rates.