Powerblock Dumbbells - The Compact Option For Free Weights

Powerblock Dumbbells – The Compact Option For Free Weights

By: - Fitness Equipment - July 13, 2011
powerblock dumbbells %E2%80%93 the compact option for free weights

Using free weights to workout has long been considered a positive alternative to using machines to tone and train the body. Free weights are often praised for their versatility and for the fact that they engage more muscles to perform an action. Powerblock Dumbbells combine the benefits of free weights in a compact design that saves time, space and money.

Powerblock dumbbells are a dumbbell system that incorporates several weight factors into one compact piece of equipment. A Powerblock dumbbell functions just like a stack of weights at the gym with a handle that fits inside of the smallest weight, which can then fit inside of the second weight and then the third weight and so forth. By moving a selector pin to the appropriate slot, you can lift as little or as much weight as desired. This allows for a dynamic and versatile free weight system that can meet the needs of any workout requirement. The Powerblock dumbbell also comes with several safety features including a completely balanced weight system and a padded handle to protect the hands and wrists.

Powerblock dumbbells come in a variety of sizes in order to meet the needs of any weightlifter. The Classic 45 Set adjusts anywhere from five to 45 pounds in five-pound increments for a combined weight of 450 pounds. In this way, Powerblock dumbbells replace nine pairs of free weight dumbbells or 18 single dumbbells. The Personal Trainer Set ranges from 2.5 to 50 pounds per weight and adjusts in 2.5 pound increments for a total of 1050 pounds of weights. The additional sets include the Elite Set 5-50, the Elite Set 5-90, and the largest set, the Elite Set 5-130, which replaces 37 pairs of free weights to equal 4820 pounds of weight. These set options offer choices to the beginner and the seasoned professional alike.

The major bonus of Powerblock dumbbells is that no matter which set you choose, the equipment still only takes up the space of two sets of dumbbells. This compact feature eliminates rows and stacks of weights at your house or gym and provides a safer, clutter-free environment.

Though some may consider the Powerblock dumbbell system to be expensive, the weights are an investment and save far more money than if you were to purchase separate pairs of free weights for each incremental weight. Poweblock dumbbells offer a compact and competitive way to train and lift weights from the comfort of your own home and ensure that you always have options and room to challenge or change your free weight choices.

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