Positive Affirmations For Women

Working On Self-Esteem

By: - Psychology - September 29, 2011
positive affirmations for women working on self esteem

Getting by on the day to day can take its toll on women in today’s day and age.  There are many different aspects of the day to day that affect everyone.  Family, career, marriage, struggling with the loss of a family member or on the hunt for the right one to compliment your life can leave women in emotional tatters, and that is why it is so important to find those positive affirmations for women.  When you can direct your focus on the power of you (who you are) and your spirit, such positive affirmations for self esteem can work wonders.

Positive affirmations for women can be found my simply locating it on the internet.  These simple, yet significant positive affirmations for self esteem will direct your focus onto the positive aspects of who you are and help you to remember those parts of you that you may have forgotten.  Following, are a small number of positive affirmations for women that embrace some modern and fundamental truths about ourselves as human beings but also some helpful spiritual quotes from the Christian bible that brings us into a more focused spiritual relationship with God.  When you repeat the affirmations to yourself, the mind begins to adjust and heal through a more positive focus on a more positive belief system.  When you mention some of the following, you will find a better feeling come over yourself when you say;

  • I am wise because of my years of experience,
  • Beautiful is what I am,
  • I can find peace in this world,
  • I love my body,
  • It is within my capacity to make the changes necessary,
  • I have a life and heart that can love and to be cared for,
  • Having health is better than striving for a aesthetically pleasing body,
  • I have no concerns about the thoughts of others about me,
  • I can do anything I set my mind to,
  • My soul is cause for celebration for its inner beauty,
  • I love who I am,
  • I’ve got character,
  • I have the wisdom to realize those parts of my life that need changing, and,
  • I have totally unique abilities and attributes because of my femininity.

Photo: inside your mind – copyright 2005, MethoxyRoxy – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.5, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pyramidal_hippocampal_neuron_40x.jpg