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By: - Digital Products, Product Reviews - May 18, 2011
pos systems for restaurants

Back in the good old days, as we like to remember them, the person taking your order in a restaurant would write things down with a pen or pencil and then hand off the order slip to the kitchen staff.

The system usually worked well, at least in the better establishments, but glitches were not uncommon.

Nowadays, with the advent of POS systems for restaurants, things go a lot faster and far more efficiently.

POS, in practice, means point of sale solutions to common restaurant problems.

POS systems for restaurants can be used for table service, bar service and quick service (take out and delivery).

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits restaurants receive with point of sale solutions.

Table Service

Picture in your mind a dining establishment setting and you will quickly get a handle on how POS systems for restaurants work in real life.

Your server is holding some sort of electronic gizmo and doing things with a stylus as your order is being taken.

While this is happening, the restaurant manager knows good things also are occurring because the POS application …

–         Saves time for servers while taking orders and also when customers request check and item splitting.

–         Attracts customers through promotions and coupon capabilities.

–         Reduces the turn-around time for tables.

–         Targets high-margin menu items.

–         Analyzes the success of the specials being offered.

–         Lowers expenses with real-time alerts regarding employee overtime.

Meanwhile, over in the bar, point of sale solutions are helping take care of business.

They provide bartenders with the assurance that bills and payments will be settled correctly, and can provide instant pre-authorizations on credit cards. The correct amounts for drinks will be charged and the POS system takes into account happy hour prices.

There is even more good news for the people behind the bar. A one-touch feature can allow a swift reaction time for customers ordering another round.

And, in the rare instance when the bartender does not know the correct recipe for a drink, the POS system will provide easy access to the Bartender’s Bible. The customer will then be able to get a properly mixed Singapore Sling.

Management can also benefit through the use of POS systems in the preparation of a daily business review, long considered an important tool of the trade. A POS system can be programmed to produce a report, which includes such key information as trends in sales, employee costs, and customer counts.

If you are curious by nature and are on friendly terms with a restaurant owner or manager, pay a visit and ask to see their POS system in action.

It’s actually quite fascinating.

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