Polarized Vs Non Polarized Sunglasses

The Facts

By: - Fashion - September 13, 2011
polarized vs non polarized sunglasses the facts

A lot of people like to head into a drug store or the corner market where they will be greeted with a display featuring the latest styles in sunglasses.  At first, the creation of sunglasses was simply to block out the brightness of the sun for pilots.  Gradually over the years this progressed into a fashion statement for everyone from the aviator to the motorcyclist to even the average person walking down the street in the bright sunlight.  They look great and they weren’t blinded by the bright sun.  Scientific research has demonstrated a lot more about the sun over the years and the sunglasses have evolved into more than simply a device to reduce its brightness on the eyes.  With the discovery of UV rays, sunglasses have evolved to become one of two different kinds.  You may hear it all the time and wonder just what polarized vs non polarized sunglasses is all about and what the difference are between polarized sunglasses vs non polarized.

First, lets examine just how UV rays affect the eyes.  If the sunglasses that you are wearing offer little to no protection against the damaging effects of UV rays, here is what happens:  the sunglasses shade the eyes, causing the pupils to open wider, thereby allowing more UV rays to enter the eye and do damage.  What occurs at that point is the gradual macular deterioration that in turn becomes vision loss to varying degrees and possibly even the acquisition of cataracts.  Now perhaps you understand just why a set of quality sunglasses can be reduced to polarized vs non polarized sunglasses.   Polarized sunglasses vs non polarized is the difference between harm to the eye and keeping good vision.  Polarized sunglasses give you an added protection from the horizontal glare of the sun, reducing the brightness to provide you with a more defined and clearer sight.  Polarized vs non polarized sunglasses is a no brainer especially when driving or in occupations involving concentrated sight because a polarized sunglass will form a barrier against this kind of concentrated light that is reflected off of flat surfaces such as highways, or bodies of water.

So polarized sunglasses vs non polarized sunglasses is not the difference between fashion sense and not being blinded by bright sun anymore.   It is literally the difference between a healthy set of eyes protected from UV light vs being gradually sightless, leaving the question of whether to buy polarized vs. non polarized sunglasses and easy choice to make.

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