Polarized Vs Non Polarized - Best Type Of Lens

Polarized Vs Non Polarized – Best Type Of Lens

By: - Product Reviews - September 7, 2011
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When you are in the market for a new pair of sunglasses one of the choices you may make is to decide between polarized vs non polarized lenses. Polarized lenses vs non polarized will make a difference in your sunglasses and in your vision when you have your sunglasses on. Though many people think polarized glasses are better, the real question may be “better for what?” As long as your vision is good, does it matter? Well, it can, depending on what you are doing when you use your glasses.

Looking at the difference between polarized lenses vs non polarized, you will see that every pair of sunglasses, no matter what type, will offer protection from the sun, but polarizes lenses will offer more UV protection than the non polarized type. Polarized lenses are designed to stop the harmful horizontal rays of the sun from entering your eyes and make it easier to see when sun is shining directly into your field of vision.

Benefits of polarized lenses vs non polarized not only protect your eyes but they give you better vision when your lenses are on. Definition is greater and the crispness of what you see with your sunglasses on will be definitely noticed. With anti-glare features, the polarized lenses give you better protection from all types of glare and can even make it safer for you to drive on a sunny day. Water sports like boating and fishing can be made easier by wearing polarized lenses and they may even help you spot those fish from the surface.

One big difference you will notice when looking at polarized vs non polarized lenses is the cost. Polarized lenses are almost always more expensive than the non polarized ones. If cost is going to be a factor for you, you may want to look for an off brand if you have your heart set on polarized lenses.

There are some cons when it comes to polarized lenses. Skiers or those who do winter sports say the polarized lenses make it difficult to see hills in the snow for instance. Others just wouldn’t use polarized lenses enough to spend the money on them.

For some, polarized lenses will definitely be worth it, but for others, non polarized lenses are just fine. Taking a trip to a store that carries both can help you decide which is better for you, polarized vs non polarized lenses.

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