Pokemon Pearl Guide - Finding The Best Option Available

Pokemon Pearl Guide – Finding The Best Option Available

By: - Games - July 13, 2011
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Pokemon Pearl is a game that is widely accepted as one of the most exciting and enjoyable titles available on handheld Nintendo systems.  Its game play and sheer depth have made it a favorite choice among children and older players alike.  Yet the game does have quite a few challenging aspects that some players may find difficult to tackle without help.  As such, finding a thorough Pokemon Pearl guide can be very useful in beating the game handily and without wasting time wandering about the Pokemon world.

Perhaps the one element that makes a Pokemon Pearl guide better than others that may be available is the inclusion of a map that shows where each different Pokemon is located.  One of the most important things to know when trying to collect each Pokemon is knowing exactly where it can be found.  Without such information players may wind up traveling to the far reaches of the Pearl world in search of a Pokemon that is actually somewhere else entirely.  By using a good Pokemon game guide to pinpoint the location of the various Pokemon you are targeting you can quickly grow your collection and advance through the game.

Collecting those Pokemon from the various extremes of the world is important when the time comes to challenge various Gym leaders in order to earn new badges.  It is not enough to simply go out in search of every Pokemon you can find – unless you learn to beat the big gym leaders you will be unable to move to new regions of the map and will be without many of the power-ups that help you catch stronger Pokemon.  As such, getting your hands on a Pokemon game guide that outlines the strengths, weaknesses, and common behaviors of gym leaders can help you get to more exciting parts of the world more quickly.  This, of course, allows you to gain access to more advanced Pokemon, which in turn makes it easier to challenge more difficult gym leaders.

Finally, any decent Pokemon Pearl guide will include information on each Pokemon found in the world.  While it is very important to know where each Pokemon is located, unless you know which best suit your needs you may wind up with a collection that does not work well together.  Any valuable guide will tell you the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokemon, outline their abilities, and help you decide which Pokemon are worth capturing and which are worth avoiding altogether.

While typically played by kids, there is nothing simple about Pokemon Pearl.  It is a complex game that requires precise strategy and careful decision making to avoid doing things incorrectly.  As such, having a Pokemon game guide that outlines the more sophisticated aspects of the game can go a long way in helping new players learn the game’s intricacies.  Knowing where each Pokemon is and what it is capable of is crucial to making it far into the game, as is understanding the dynamics of each gym leader.  With such knowledge from a well written guide anyone can tackle the game and enjoy it to the absolute fullest.

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