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Helping Your Daughter

By: - Parenting - July 20, 2011
playtex tampons helping your daughter

Playtex tampons have been a mainstay in many homes for girls and women of menstruating age for generations.  The Playtex tampon is not used by all females, but with the advent of better improvements in the applicators and even scented types of tampons, many more females are starting again to use them.  However, for first time users, finding the right tampon is important and that is why Playtex provides such a good variety of tampons for young girls and online and package information that young girls can discuss with their mothers in a private environment.

Playtex tampons does a slender Playtex tampon for new users.  They provide applicators that are easy to use, as well as tampons that help most with dealing with all levels of blood loss.  However, for a mother of a girl who has just had her first period, explaining the use of a tampon can be as embarrassing and sensitive a subject as it is for the young girl.  So, how do you broach the subject and what are some good tips for talking about tampons with your daughter? Here are some suggestions:

  • Be relaxed and let her know you are nervous about this too and have a laugh
  • Show her the tampon and pull out the pamphlet that goes with it, going through each section together slowly
  • Let her ask questions as she needs to and answer in simple terms
  • Let her know that using a tampon is okay, if she feels comfortable
  • Demonstrate the use of the tampon in your hand and let her do the same in hers to get an idea of how it works
  • If she feels comfortable, start her off with a slender tampon and let her have privacy to apply what she has learnt so she can use it
  • Be there if she has questions or has issues that she feels comfortable to ask your advice on or needs help
  • Let her know that using a tampon at the start of her first period is safe
  • Go over the importance of hygiene regarding tampon use
  • Go over the importance of changing tampons regularly and the issues and potential health risks involved if the same one is used for too long
  • Reassure her that even though tampons can be a health risk, that if she uses it properly and uses proper hygiene that she will be safe
  • Go over how to dispose of the wrapper, applicator and a used tampon

Playtex tampons have made it easier for even the earliest starter of the menstrual cycle to find a tampon that is suited to them.  Mothers can follow the simple steps to introduce their daughters to a Playtex tampon right from the beginning of their period without concern, but it is vital to go over the safety and hygiene issues and to monitor these for a period of time until their daughters feel safe and at ease with the whole process.

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