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Getting Great Service

By: - Home Improvement - July 20, 2011
plass appliances getting great service

Plass appliances are operated by a family who began their services in 1938.  No matter which Plass appliances review you see, the customer comments speak for the reputation that the company has built over time, operating a customer orientated business that assures customers nothing, but the best quality products for affordable and sensible prices.  Began by the Plass family, Ed and Art, they have a number of showrooms that have been serving customers since just before World War II.

Plass appliances was taken over by the family’s brother, whilst Ed got back into his main industry of building homes.  Handed down again to another generation of Plass family members, the business has reached seventy years of supplying appliances to homes across the nation.   In fact, the reputation of the company has seen it grow to seven showrooms found throughout greater Chicago.  Having won varied awards within the appliances industry, the company offers a broad selection of both national and international brands, as well as models that are highly regarded from manufacturers that are well respected and recognized.  In addition to their appliances, they display how they can be used within your home, set in vignettes and custom cabinetry with granite countertops.  The whole purpose of displaying in this way has been to let the customer picture the appliances within their home and even give them ideas about the best place to position them.  Another feature that makes this Plass appliances review even more interesting is that the company uses detailed knowledge of each appliance to provide customer satisfaction through a personalized advice service.  Staff are trained thoroughly before being allowed to deal with customers and help them decide which appliance is best suited to their specified needs.  Customers are encouraged to relax in the warm and pleasant atmosphere that their showrooms provide whilst staff calmly go over the benefits and features of each appliance with their customers.  It is this attention to detail, personalized service and care that the company gives to its customers that has helped maintain its reputation as one of the leading family-run businesses in its area.

Plass appliances knows their products and they know how to treat their customers with the utmost respect and regard.  Many of their customers have contributed their own Plass appliances review details across the Internet, helping their favorite appliance outlets to continue to provide the quality appliances and services to many more customers across the country.  Carrying on the tradition of three generations of Plass family members, the company is a shining star that aims to please.  If they do not have something you need, there is no doubt from reading other reviews that the staff will find a way of finding something that fits your criteria, even if it means sending you to a fellow store somewhere in your immediate area.  In fact, it is that care of their customers that few companies in the appliance industry are willing to do.

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