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By: - Yoga - February 14, 2011
pilates vs yoga

There is quite a storm these days over pilates vs yoga. Many people are asking which is better. The answer is both are. The two exercise programs, while different can be used to complement each other. In fact, it is these differences that make them work well together. Indeed, it does sound confusing, but once you have the facts you will find they both well together. You can even alternate the between yoga and pilates for a complete workout program.

For example, breathing in yoga exercises is done through the nostrils. You can feel your belly inflate and deflate to lessen nervous tension and stimulate clear thinking. Pilate exercises involve deep inhaling though the nose. The idea is to expand the rib cage and back. However, with pilates fitness you breathe out with the mouth to soothe the spine. A good tip to follow when performing a pilates exercise is to inhale when starting an exercise, and exhale when completing it.

When comparing pilates vs yoga one finds several more differences. The tempo and speed of the two exercise regimens are dissimilar. Yoga seeks to join the mind, body, and the spirit. Certain poses are held for certain duration and moved in a slow manner. Yoga seeks to produce strength with balance, both physically and your inner-self.

On the other hand, pilates movements are designed to flow from one exercise to the next. The mind is used to control the precise movement of the body. It is the breathing tempo that moves the body into hundreds of pilates movements. The idea of pilates fitness is to steady the shoulder blades and pelvis, while rotating and expanding your arms and spine.

When comparing pilates vs yoga for the end result, we again find them to be similar, yet different too. It indeed does sound perplexing. Still, they both achieve strength and increase flexibility, just in different ways. Yoga involves stationary poses that not only stretch muscles, but strengthens them too. Yoga is ideal for anyone who is tight and wants greater elasticity in their muscles. This also serves to lengthen the muscles for a lean and relaxed look.

Yet, when looking at the pilates vs yoga debate we find that pilates fitness is indeed beneficial as well. Pilates gives a whole body workout and like yoga increases strength and the elasticity of tight muscles. Resistance is added to the pilates regimen and serves to increase strength while stretching tight muscles too. As mentioned, both achieve similar results, but use different techniques to get there.

In the end, there is no need for the pilates vs yoga debate to contradict one another. Instead, they can complement each other. Yoga is more focused on stationary poses, while pilates concentrates on fluidity of movements. Yoga offers an excellent method of stretching muscles. On the other hand pilates offers increased strength through resistance. Yoga introduces a mediation element to exercise to ease the mind and body. Pilates on the other hand offers an exercise program better suited to build and restore the physical body.

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