Phlebotomy Technician Salary

Beyond The Degree

By: - Medicine - July 7, 2011
phlebotomy technician salary beyond the degree

Of the many professional fields that you are likely to interact with while being in a health care facility, one of the most prominent is that of a professional that draws blood for analysis, who holds a degree known as the Phlebotomy Technician degree.   This fundamentally important technician is the person at the proverbial starting gate for a successful diagnosis of any health related issues as many answers come from blood content.  One of the first items of concern when considering this exciting and challenging career is the phlebotomy technician salary.  As in any other field, that is determinate on your entry into the program.  The following article will look at the salary as it is in different areas in across the United States.

The acquisition of the phlebotomy technician degree is one that carries with it four areas of consideration as part of the phlebotomy technician salary.  They are, job demand, geographical location, job location, and education.  There are plenty of employers that will provide on the job training to those endeavouring to enter the field of phlebotomy, however, first consideration is given to those that hold a phlebotomy technician degree over all else, and for those without certification, employment within the field  is beginning to wane.  It cannot be emphasized enough, therefore, that education and certification are vital in enjoying the professional technician salary.

The phlebotomy tech salary is a fluid one, and is largely dependent on the geographical location in which the technician is employed.  While the average technician salary in the United States today is around the $29,000 dollar range, other areas  of the country boast better salaries but of course, standards of living has to be factored into the locality before determining that it is the better place to work.  Eastern states such as New York, Mississippi and West Virginia appear to have the largest salaries available, ranging anywhere from $38,000 to $44,000 dollars per year, but again, consider the standard of living and the scale of the economy relative to that area before applying.

Demand for those qualified and those who have a phlebotomy technician degree is another determinate factor in the phlebotomy technician salary.  Again, as mentioned before, supply and demand, population density within the areas you are applying to, education and geographical location are the largest factors that affects salary, unlike those of many other similar professions within the health care system.  While states such as Mississippi hold the highest salaries for those that have a degree, the majority of the remaining states boast of a more median range of salary for the phlebotomist, averaging anywhere between $31,000 to $37,000 dollars annually.

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