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By: - Careers - February 14, 2011
phlebotomy certification

If you work in the medical field or want to work in the medical field you should know or will learn that having a Phlebotomy certification or phlebotomy education can be gold for you. This gives you an extreme edge when you apply for jobs. In California and Louisiana you actually have to have a phlebotomy certification and phlebotomy education to even draw blood. This seems like a simple concept to learn, but there are so many complex instruments and procedures you have to follow to be able to become a phlebotomist and you probably don’t have the time to just hop up and go to school. Why not take courses online?

You are probably wondering how you can learn to draw blood online. You actually can get your certification online or take 1-3 day hands on classes and get your phlebotomy certificate. This is a very important part of becoming a nurse or a doctor. Blood tests are taken for a number of reasons whether it be to check for disease or to check for pregnancy and you need this phlebotomy certification and phlebotomy education to advance in the medical practice field. has all the information you need on becoming a certified phlebotomist. Once you are certified you can take your phlebotomy education and certification to any state that you want to. Phlebotomy certification also helps if you are trying to become an LPN or a LVN and it looks great on any medical résumé.

You can take phlebotomy education and phlebotomy certification courses especially if you are: an RN, Research Coordinator, Certified Nurse Assistant, EMT, Paramedic, Medical Assistant, Medical Intern, Military Personnel, clinic, hospital, or college student, etc.

There is really no limit to who is able to learn phlebotomy and as long as you know it, you have an advantage above those who don’t. Being able to draw blood makes you very handy in cases of emergency. You will know how the blood works, how it flows, how you can prevent too much blood loss and so much more. Phleb teaches you a lot about phlebotomy in a small amount of time in case you don’t have enough time to go to school and work. You can take advantage of this incredible opportunity to pursue your education in phlebotomy online at any time, just know at there is a lot you can gain from a little bit of time, devotion, and just a little bit of money.

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