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By: - Food & Beverage - August 1, 2011
perkins restaurant locations melt in your mouth foods

Do you ever think about the kind of meals that your mom used to make for breakfast and after a busy morning playing with your friends?  Who could forget the traditional meals that mom always used to make once dad got home in the evening after work?  Few could forget the delicious meals like that, but fortunately any of the more than four-hundred and forty Perkins restaurant locations can deliver on the kind of excellence that is rivalled only by the memory of your mom’s cooking.

No matter where you’re travelling, you can find Perkins restaurant locations in thirty-four states in America and even in five provinces in Canada.  What draws people to the dining room at Perkins Restaurant locations?  They feature the famous kind of breakfast items all day long such as the highly guarded recipe for their famous buttermilk pancakes, omelettes, melt sandwiches and hot muffins with melted butter.  You don’t need to wait for breakfast lunch or dinner to savour the awesome dining at Perkins Restaurant locations; you can have them anytime of the day that you please and the value you will receive is not only in the affordable prices that you pay but in every bite that you take.

Nothing stays the same at any of the Perkins restaurant locations.  Since its founding in 1958, innovation and a constant eye toward the ever changing tastes and styles of its demanding customers has kept Perkins restaurants at the forefront of fine dining while keeping the traditional dishes for those that refuse to compromise on the great taste of its older, signature style dishes such as their pancakes, steaks and omelettes.  With a structured environment to ensure a comfortable atmosphere along with the fresh smell of their built in bakeries, you have the feeling of a comfortable kitchen with the wafting flavours of fresh baked pies, cookies and muffins with your meals to rival the memory of any experience in any restaurant anywhere.

So firmly entrenched into the community, the Perkins restaurant employs more than 25,000 people in both full time and part time employment and it has supported the Give the World foundation for children who are under the risk of life threatening illness and their families vacations with the expectation of nothing more than the happiness and smiles of everyone involved.  Children are our future and you can find that kind of sentiment in the community involvement of Perkins restaurants.

Held to a high standard by the founders of the Perkins restaurant chain, each of the 315 franchised locations and the 133 other company owned Perkins restaurant locations are an excellent choice for your demanding appetite for breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever you want it for a price that can’t be beaten and a taste that you won’t find anywhere else.

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