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By: - Food & Beverage - August 1, 2011
pei wei locations oriental dining at its best

Do you remember your trip to the Far East on that business venture or vacation with your family?  One of the most memorable of moments for many who have ever travelled to the Far East was the cuisine in which fantastic, ornate and artistic dishes were served in an abundance of food with an equal measure of flavor unlike any that you’ve ever dined on before.  It was part of what made the trip so fantastic that you’ll never forget and that you’ll forever crave.  You have searched high and low for a restaurant with equivalent substance but never found one yet… until now.  The day that you walk into any of the multitude of Pei Wei locations, is the last day of your search because you will have found the east in the west.

Pei Wei locations everywhere across the US are the culinary reflection of five countries in the Far East such as Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand and of course, China.  For under ten dollars per dish, you can dine your way across the Far East with dishes such as Kung Pao from the Chinese province of Mandarin, chicken salad rolls from Vietnamese, or Teriyaki from Japan to name but only a few.  Through the strict policy of only the freshest ingredients and the discipline that is typical only of the East Asian Chef, when you order in any of the many Pei Wei locations in the US, your order, no matter what it is will be seared and prepared to perfection, delivered piping hot and delicious every time.

When you enter into the Pei Wei website, you will find at the click of a button, all that you have to demand in fine Far Eastern dining.  It features a menu with an extensive list of delicious meals designed to answer your discriminating taste to rival even those very dishes that you ate when you were in the Far East.  Need to know where to find the world class Pei Wei locations?  The website also has an easy to use Pei Wei locator button that will direct you to view the twenty two states in America where you can dine, relax and enjoy the Far East both in food and atmosphere.  The fantastic meals and affordable pricing make the Pei Wei locator one of the most important tools in the website because it will direct you to the far east in a neighborhood closer to you than you ever imagined since you’ve last set foot in the Far East.

Pei Wei locations are the ultimate in Far Eastern cuisine and with the easy to use Pei Wei locator on the internet, you can travel to those exotic locations for a dining experience unlike any that you’ve ever experienced before.

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