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Getting Rid Of Them

By: - Men's Issues - September 21, 2011
pearly penile papules removal getting rid of them

If you are looking for the pearly penile papules removal, specifically to get rid of Fordyce spots, you should first understand that they are not uncommon and will decrease in size and numbers as you get older.  Named after John Fordyce, a dermatologist, these granules usually are quite often found in men, though some women may get them, too.  They can begin as you enter puberty and continue through the rest of your life, being totally harmless, whitish-yellow spots that can be found across most of the genitalia.  The are more often than not the lubricating gland overgrowth caused mainly by sebaceous hyperplasia.  These glands stop your skin from becoming dry and cracked.  However, many men get seriously worried when they see these forming on their penises.  Confused easily with an STD, they are not contagious, are not caused by a lack of hygiene or by having a disease.

These pearly penile papules removed is not essential unless they have grown so much that their presence is causing problems.  Fordyce spots have unnecessarily caused so much personal havoc for people that sufferers may get depressed, avoid sex and even avoid any type of intimacy.  However, there is hope in sight.  A special skin treatment can reduce the sebum type of activity that has helped to oversize these spots.  This is a bonus for the many people who have hidden away for years.

Such pearly penile papules removed is not really necessary if you are willing to take the time to treat the sebum production issue.  Ultimately, Fordyce spots are harmless, not contagious and are not a sign of sleeping around.  They can appear on the penile head, seeming to lesions, when in fact they are nothing of the sort, just excessive amount of oils that really need to be better controlled.  If you can get passed the appearance, which is nothing grotesque or remotely ugly, you can afford to take the time to get  your problem fixed without embarrassing yourself for no good reason.  If you combine the treatment with a little bit of confidence, these spots wills simply vanish all on their own, so do not fret about it.

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