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Putting The Fun Back Into Gardening

By: - Gardening - July 4, 2011
peaceful valley farm supply putting the fun back into gardening

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply and its Peaceful Valley Ranch has been dedicating themselves to environmentally friendly, sustainable and local agricultural needs since the 1970s.  They have enabled everyone from the large sized grower to the back yard gardener to get organic supplies for their growing needs that are cost-effective and fully backed up with support and information.  The company simply shares its knowledge as part of its package, selling plants and other things with complete back up as is needed to ensure that all of their products meet the highest standards and continue to provide the quality expected, even after they have been used.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply also helps to support its local community via its nursery and retail store. As a result, its Peaceful Valley Ranch folk have been able to provide outstanding customer service.  This has enabled gardeners, resellers, landscapers and farmers to buy gardening items in huge amounts at rock bottom prices.  They are able to choose from about four thousand items, everything needed for organic gardening and growing, including important items such as:

  • Food preservation equipment
  • Homesteading items
  • Gardening/pruning tools
  • Watering/irrigation supplies
  • Soil monitoring/testing equipment
  • Gardening/landscaping/farming/homesteading literature
  • Propagation/growth supplies
  • Composting items
  • Extenders for all seasons
  • Varied local plantsFruit/nut and other bushes, trees, climbers and ground cover plants
  • Flowers
  • Lawn/pasture items
  • Vegetables and fruit plants
  • Heirloom seeds
  • Pest/weed control items
  • Natural types of fertilizers

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply offers a huge catalog of goodies for people to buy either in-store or online.  Because the customer service assistance offered by Peaceful Valley Ranch is so outstanding, deliveries are the norm, even if you live right across the country.  As such, anyone who is into gardening or owns a business related to the growing of plants, can enjoy an extensive product line up, as well as staff who are always on hand to provide advice and give information, in person, over the phone or online.  What more could green thumbs ask for?  Most importantly, if you are into organic growing, then this is really the place you should look at because it has one of the best collections of organic seeds found anywhere in the country.

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