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Creating Your Own Fashion

By: - Shoes - July 14, 2011
payless dyeable shoes creating your own fashion

Do you wish that you had shoes that properly matched the color of your outfit? The reality is that the color of shoes and designs are governed by the designers and the inclusion of those in many local shoe stores are governed by the buyers of those stores based on trends set within the fashion industry.  In the early days, there is little influence from the demands of consumers until long after they have become popular.  However, dyeing your own shoes can solve that problem and as such there are places to buy shoes that can be dyed.  Payless dyeable shoes are one example that comes to mind.  Payless dyeable shoes can be tailored with the right dyes to your needs and wardrobe needs.  But how do you dye your own shoes?

Once you have purchased Payless dyeable shoes, or shoes that can be dyed from another shoe outlet, you can spruce up your look for a special occasion or particular outfit that you wish to accessorize.  Quite often dancers and figure skaters have their shoes or boots dyed to match their costumes or even contrast them.  You can use Payless dyeable shoes to produce the exact type of color and shade that you want using a home dying kit that you can find in most department and hobby stores.  All you need is the kit, dyable shoes, absorbable tissue paper and newspaper, rubber gloves and a color sealant or water repellent.  In fact, dyeing your own shoes using a kit is fairly easy.

If your Payless dyeable shoes have already been worn by you, you will need to remove all grime and dirt using a cleansing shoe wipe found in your kit.  You prepare your dye and stuff the shoes with your tissue paper.  Using the kit’s applicator, whilst donning the gloves, you can then apply your dye to your shoes, starting at the back portion of each shoe.  Using strokes that move forward to the toe sections, you then progress downwards towards the heels so that each shoe is completely covered.  Usually your kit will recommend letting your shoes dry for about 3 hours, resting your wet shoes on the newspaper.  You should evaluate if the color is what you want it to be and apply more if the shade is too light.  Quite often it may take about 3 applications before you get the true color.  Thereafter you can spray your Payless dyeable shoes with the color sealant or water repellent to seal in the dye.  Remember to let it dy fully and that once sprayed your dye will be set in and will not come off when your shoes get wet.

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