Parts Of An Electric Guitar - How They Work Together

Parts Of An Electric Guitar – How They Work Together

By: - Music - October 20, 2011
parts of an electric guitar %E2%80%93 how they work together

Before you begin playing the electric guitar, it is recommended that you learn about the parts of an electric guitar and how they work together to produce sound. Once you understand all of the parts and how they work together, you will be able to understand the guitar well enough to master it. Even custom electric guitar builders use these parts together in order to give each guitar a sound that may be unlike any other sound from any other guitar.

The body is one of the main parts of an electric guitar and it will connect to the neck of the guitar. The pickups and bridge of the guitar are also attached to the body. On an electric guitar, the pickups are actually magnets that actually pick up vibrations from the strings and sends that sound right to the amplifier.  The bridge is where the strings connect to the body. The neck, of course, is the long part of the guitar with frets. The frets of a guitar are the parts that are vertically on the neck where the strings sit. Atop of the neck is the headstock.

The headstock of the guitar is the place where the strings are tuned. The tuning pegs are the parts of an electric guitar that are used to tune the strings. The bottom of the headstock is called the nut of the guitar and is where the stings sit before going into the tuning area. Additionally, when you move back down the body of the guitar, you will find the pickup switch, which enables you to select pickups for different sounds and tones. Also on the body you will find the tremolo, also known as the “whammy bar”. It helps change the pitch of the note you are playing. All these parts work together to bring the electric guitar sound you are probably familiar with.

Custom electric guitar builders can make guitars in all shapes and sizes. Typically with an electric guitar, as long as the body is large enough to adequately hold the strings, the guitar can be of any size and still make the known guitar sound. If you are interested, you can get actual guitars from custom electric guitar builders as well as parts for your brand name guitar.  No matter what parts you get, it is important to understand how they all work together before you really will know how to play the guitar like a master.

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