Owl Crib Bedding

Choosing The Right Set

By: - Babies - July 20, 2011
owl crib bedding choosing the right set

There is no surprise that owl crib bedding and owl crib beds are currently popular.  In fact, they are the most often chosen products for parents who simply cannot decide if mom’s idea is good or father’s idea is better, making them an ideal compromise.  Unfortunately, the market is so flooded with this bedding and those beds that finding the best ones for your child is like finding a needle in a haystack.  The time you have to take is just frustrating.

Owl crib bedding is best chosen according to gender, not because of being sexist, but because it is just easier.  This does not mean that you have to do the blue for boys and pink for girls, but you can also find many neutral combinations that might suit both color-wise.  Additionally, you have to consider the overall function of the bedding and bed.  Will it be kept for future generations to enjoy and if so, maybe going gender neutral is a better option.  So, how do you find gender neutral versions of the owl crib products? Well, try avoiding anything that would simply be sexist – boys and baseball or girls and princess stuff.  Cute animals and bright colors without any distinctive patterns or images in pastels work wonders.  If your friends and family have issues with this, they will soon come to appreciate your choices.  Remember, this is your baby and you and your partner need to share this for your family.  So, what other options could you consider? Try thinking about your general décor in the baby room.  Having bedding that matches up with the colors and mood in the room makes it even easier to choose the type of bedding patterns, colors and bed types that you need for your baby.  You may wish to build your theme choice around the toys that your baby has been bought in advance.  However, regardless of the bedding or bed style you choose, keep away from loud colors as they tend to get overpowering and can easily confuse young babies, even scare them.  Try gentler colors that they can feel restful with.

Owl crib bedding and owl crib beds present no more issues when it comes to choosing things for your baby than any other product.  You can find them in stores, online and even at garage sales, but if you consider the long term effects and appearance versus the grand entrance routine for your baby, you baby is more likely to settle in calmly to its environment and so are you!

Photo: crib – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Geertgen_tot_Sint_Jans_002.jpg