Oregano Oil Benefits

The Natural Benefits Of Oregano Oil

By: - Supplements - May 24, 2011
oregano oil benefits

There are many oregano oil benefits; perhaps the fist benefit of the oregano oil uses is that it is a strong antifungal, which would be a fantastic use for acne related problems.  Acne can be a very traumatic thing for young people around the world and they will often spend a lot of time and money searching for the right product to help reduce the severity of the problem.

Oregano oil uses also include a natural remedy for other skin problems such as skin irritations and itching, the oregano oil does this by destroying the germs on the surface.  If your oregano oil has already been diluted, it is ok apply the oregano oil directly onto the skin; however in some instances you will need to dilute the oregano oil so make sure you always read the label and follow the directions that have been provided.  Some of the more concentrated oils will need to be mixed with another type of oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. Due to each brand being different in concentration levels, the amount of oil that you need to mix will be different however it is typically about one teaspoon of oil with one small drop of oregano oil.

Oregano oil benefits also include the ability to reduce swelling and provide an anti inflammatory effect which helps you to potentially fight off infections. Some of the infections that it can help you to fight off are urinary tract infections, colon infections and many more. Oregano oil can come in capsule form and therefore it can be used both internally and externally for a multitude of purposes, however it is always important to seek medical advice if you are undergoing any medical treatment or taking any other medication prior to using any natural or over the county remedies in case they have a contraindication to your current medicines’.

Another of the oregano oil benefits is that it helps by improving respiratory problems and help to improve the overall immune system.  However it does have a couple of side effects as well, so if you are pregnant you are advised not to use this oil and if you are breastfeeding or low in iron, you will need to carefully consider your options due to the fact that oregano oil uses although beneficial, can stop or reduce your body’s capability to take in and absorb iron.