Opi My Private Jet

The Latest In Durable Lacquer For Fingernails

By: - Nails - August 1, 2011
opi my private jet the latest in durable lacquer for fingernails

Opi My Private Jet is professional nail polish from the O.P.I. Night Brights Collection.  Opi my private jets work well one either natural fingernails or on acrylic nails.   Opi my private jet is a luxurious dark grey color with glamorous shimmers and glints.  There are a number of other daring dark shades in the opi my private jets night brights collection.

O.P.I.  are the initials of ‘Odontorium Products, Inc’.  O.P.I.  is famous for its nail lacquer in a variety of color collections.  For example: beyond the dark, dark shades of the Night Brights collection there are Brides Bouquet, Honeymoon Sweet, Rose Petals, Rosy Future, Sweet Heart and Sweet Memories─ appropriate but shimmering understated silvers, whites and ivories intended for brides and their bridesmaids.   There are also several distinctive gold, sapphire, jade and ruby colors

The practice of using nail varnish (more recently lacquer) for appearance as well as nail protection goes way back into history. Nefertiti, wife of Egyptian King Akhenaton, colored her fingernails ruby red.  Cleopatra painted her fingernails and toenails crimson.  The Chinese created nail lacquer from gum arabic, egg whites, gelatin and bees wax; using mashed rose or orchid petals for color.  The Incas painted Eagles on their nails.  In the 19th century fingernails were scented with red oils and buffed from directions provided in cookbooks.  In the 1920’s automobile paint inspired the creation of colored nail enamels.  However, brightly colored synthetic nail polish was once resisted because use of color was perceived to be a ‘cover up’.  Psychiatrists called polishing nails a form of self-mutilation.  African American rights pioneers thought women of color didn’t need to use nail polish and should avoid the ‘indignity’ of using it.  In the 1940’s through the 50’s and 60’s colorful polish gradually became popular.

In 1981 George Schaeffer, a child emigrate from Eastern European during the post-World War II era, founded O.P.I from his dental business.  He created a long lasting lacquer for teeth and in the process discovered a remarkable enduring lacquer that was chip resistant and held color for fingernails.  Today O.P.I, still family owned, is known world wide for more than 200 colors of lasting nail lacquers, treatments and hardeners.

While nail lacquers are traditionally worn by women the opi my private jet collection has also become popular among men.  Dark enamels such as the black of opi my private jets  has been popular among goth and punks of all genders since the 1970’s.  French manicures mimic the color of natural nails using clear, beige or soft pink on the base with white at the tips.  Some nail enamels advertise to enhance growth and make nails stronger to prevent them from breaking or splitting and to stop nail biting.  Clear varnishes are also popular and can be used over colored varnish as a gloss. O.P.I also provides a range of nail treatments such as nail polish remover with Aloe Vera added and pedicure creams.  O.P.I. has hydrating body splashes and skin quenchers to moisturize and beautify skin.

Beyond the opi my private jet collection O.P.I. offers Pawlish,  a fast drying nail lacquer for pets.  O.P.I. does not used animals for testing.

Dell has partnered with O.P.I.  to create fashionable colors from opi my private jets for their  Adamo XPS laptop.  Colors include 20 O.P.I. classics such as the famous red lacquer: ‘I’m not really a waitress’,