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By: - Nails - May 27, 2011
opi mad as a hatter

If you are wondering about that new Opi Mad as a Hatter stuff that all the girls are wearing and wondering if it is just some big fad, then maybe we can help.  The Mad as a Hatter nail polish is a new product that makes nail polishes really glamorous.  I kid you not.  So many women have discovered this nail polish that they are so excited about it that they have been promoting it for the company, raving all over the Internet about the colours and other characteristics that make this nail polish standout from the rest.

Opi Mad as a Hatter polish was not my first choice and my instincts said as I walked passed it on the drug store shelf that this was a real joke.  The bottle alone looks amusing, a clownish and fun appearance that I took for being something for younger girls who were just discovering their first makeup and nail polish, but hardly something that a mature woman give the time of day to.  Well, my daughter bought her batch, and it was not until I noticed her nails and how long the polish lasted before chipping; that I began to rethink  my take on it.

It was the amazing range of colours that struck me first.  My daughter’s nails stood out with glamorous shades of grey and sparkles, not just those silly reflectors that fall off, but shimmering colours that made the Mad as a Hatter nail polish remind me of the quality lipsticks that reflect the light and catch everyone’s attention.  The shades of course were not limited to neutrals, but ran the gauntlet of the imagination from reds to yellows.  It was a rainbow cornucopia of colour.  Now, at my age, glittering nail polishes are hardly needed as I do not have to attract a mate any longer, but for the younger women, they are a treat and they really do get second glances.  It gives a polished look that is sophisticated and enchanting.

For us older ladies, the Opi Mad as a Hatter polishes have more subtle touches, but nonetheless they are very charming.  Combined with a good lipstick and a fine hairstyle, these polishes have the ability to make even rags look expensive.  Now, if that is not enough to blow you away, the price will make you smile.  Compared to many modern nail polishes, the price is about the same, but when you do the maths and compare the longevity of the Mad as a Hatter nail polish, that is where things change because unless I pay a fortune, I cannot find any nail polishes that provide such long-lasting and attractive quality at such rock bottom prices.

Photo: polished nails – copyright 2010, Krol; reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0

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