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Barking Up The Right Tree

By: - Pets - July 4, 2011
ol roy dog food barking up the right tree

Many people are eager to find out more about Walmart’s Ol Roy Dog Food, their own in-house brand that has been specially developed by Mars Petcare.  As such, you will find that this Ol Roy Dog food review will help you decide if this dog food is really the best option for your dog and, whether or not, you are really getting the best quality for your money in relation to your dog’s health.

As has been shown with any pet food, the highest nutrition foods should be listed as the first ingredient, right? Well, another issue that has arisen with pet foods is that there are more fillers such as grains and other things than the meats and fish that pet foods should have.  This is no different with Ol Roy dog food.  If you go through the ingredients, the top ingredients are meat and bone meal, which is not pure meat, but the leftovers of meat processing from human food.  Such meat and bone products are ground up remainders of bones, hair and other things that even dogs would not normally eat.  So, are you getting something that you should avoid, just because it is cheaply priced? Well, on the other hand, this Ol Roy dog food review also shows that compared to other dog food choices, you are getting the best that can be found in manufactured dog food products because of other good ingredients, namely the vitamin content and the fact that the preservatives are natural and not chemically based, which is much healthier for your dog.

Ol Roy dog food may not have the whole meat content that you might expect, but at least the product is honest about its contents, something that has been shown to be a great issue over the years.  Unlike many products that were quickly pulled off the shelves due to the pet food scandals and contaminated wheat gluten fillers, this one has been able to keep its fillers closer to home.  It was not recalled because of the salmonella scare from the same manufacturer and though it might not be on the top 10 list of best dog foods, it is not likely to make the top 10 worst dog food list either.  As such, and in conclusion, this Ol Roy dog food review puts this dog food at the middle of the road.  It is healthier than many, giving you an honest run down on its packaging and on its website.  You are paying for what you get without spending more due to a branding campaign for a name that many might prefer.  As such the value for money that you are getting when you feed your dog this food is substantially higher than many of the more familiar household names.

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