OB Tampons Discontinued

Waiting For The Big Return

By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
ob tampons discontinued waiting for the big return

Are you wondering why OB tampons discontinued some of their most popular OB tampons? Like many women, the quest for answers continues, but maybe this article can help you understand the reasons and learn more about the discontinuation of what was once a popular brand for millions of women worldwide.

It is hard enough for most women to manage their menstrual cycles without products that they have relied on for generations to suddenly disappear without any explanation.  When OB tampons discontinued their tampons, many women worldwide went into a huge panic because OB tampons were the best type of tampons many women had found in years, simply because they really worked! Without going into gruesome detail, which is not the purpose here, women worldwide entered their drug stores to see that the OB products were not being replaced and were slowly being sold to customers with no idea of what they could use in its place.  Many women sent emails to the firm, asking if the products were permanently gone or just gone temporarily.  Women suddenly discovered the ultra version was never going to be seen again, something that many women had come to rely on because there was no other product out there that could deal with the excessive volumes of blood that some women have to suffer losing.  Thereafter, the mad and crazed petitioning of Johnson and Johnson began, begging for the company to reinstate and start producing the ultra version again, as well as the other sizes.  Women began spending exhorbent amounts on bidding on eBay for only 4 boxes, which finally sold for a total of $142 US! Even a news agency online in the city of Boston made a statement about there being no OB type tampons available anywhere in the city.  However, all is not lost because the OB products are set to make a return this year, 2011.  Unfortunately, there will never be a replacement for the ultra version, which has left many women reeling.  Some women with heavier periods have been using them for over twenty years or more.  What is more shocking is that the box information on the super plus version of the OB product had suggested apparently that heavy periods were due to a health issue and totally disregarded that not all women bleed the same and that some bleed more than others naturally, not due to menorrhagia or anything else.

When OB tampons discontinued their entire line, the shock of losing the ultra OB tampons left a permanent foul taste in the mouths of many women.  The reality is that a product that they came to rely upon because nothing else would do has in the minds of some women, let them down.  What some women are especially angry about is the suggestion that periods are standard and that anything more than a set amount of blood loss is because of a medical condition.  However, it still remains to be seen whether or not the new resurgence of OB’s tampons will ever be as popular again, given the alleged total disregard for the feminine hygiene needs of many women.

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