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– Understanding This New Type Of Milk

By: - Parenting - June 6, 2011
nutramigen formula

What makes Nutramigen formula good for newborns and older babies? Is Nutramigen lipil as good as they company claims? Well, being a recommended hypoallergenic formula for even young infants, the formula is specially designed for kids with major food intolerance or allergies.  In many cases, this formula is usually only prescribed by your family doctor or child’s pediatrician.  In fact, there are two varieties.

Nutramigen formula includes the Nutramigen lipil and AA formulas.  Instead of relying on milk or even soy products, this type of formula consists of vital amino acids, making it a much better option for kids with the most severest of allergies.  In fact, many infants that have to have this formula are doing so because either an observant parent or medical person noticed quickly enough that they had issues and thus saved their life to let them see another day with a formula that would not kill them.  Yes, it is that serious.

Nutramigen lipil is one of a good line of products under the banner of Nutramigen formula.  There primary function is to protect and feed kids with allergies to both dairy and soy products or proteins and they are usually given as a main source of fluids and nutrition well into the 1st year of life, and where needed, acting as either a secondary or primary nutrition source well into the toddler years.  They feature complete easy to scoop formulas that can be matched 1 scoop for 1 ounce of water.  However, these formulas are not meant to be given just to random babies as not all babies have allergies, intolerances or even colic, which can benefit from the formula.  For those babies that are prescribed this formula, it may take as long as two weeks before symptoms truly subside.  Best of all, these formulas taste, look and smell just like regular baby formula, so the sudden change will be barely noticeable and once your baby has realized that they are feeling better, they will soon begin asking for more.

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