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By: - Medicine - July 7, 2011
nursing informatics salary rating your compensation

There appears to be a very large schism in between the reality of a nursing informatics salary and the reality of the actual salary given to these fundamentally vital health care workers.  As found  in a survey of the Nursing Informatics salary, the reality is a stark one indeed however not all is so plain nor black where nursing salaries are concerned.

The general assumption is that given the fact that health care technology, health care specialists and the various related fields to health care such as the manufacture of health care products is a huge industrial infrastructure, it therefore yields huge profits that generously bathe any and all health care workers in mountains of money.  This is held to be the same for the nursing informatics degree .The opposite is true.

Unless those who hold a nursing informatics degree are in specialized fields or hold a position of leadership high on the infrastructure ladder, the beginning nursing informatics salary is a modest one, starting in the 50,000 dollar per year range.  This can be adjusted to the economic geographical location of those with a nursing informatics degree.

Contrary to the actual salary, a survey was recently published in a HIMSS blog in which it is purported that those who held a degree enjoyed a salary that is larger that it was in previous years.  It claims that there has been a 16% increase in the rate of pay in this field since the year 2007 and since 2004, an even higher increase at 42%!  From my experience, the entire survey was less than credible as was the credibility of those who conducted the survey.

The survey continues to conduct a break down of the actual schematics and disbursement of , those who have a degree within the market and has produced some amazing results.  It claims that only 48% of nursing informatics work in a health care facility, with the remainder,  20% employed as administration jobs within a corporate health care office,  9% employed in an academic capacity, and the remaining 5% employed with some kind of related health care consulting firm.  I find this information hard to digest as the beginning salaries in this field are lower than purported, starting as low as the mid fifty thousand dollar range to seventy-thousand dollars annually and many jobs in either small municipalities or scaled back facilities.

The veracity of the information posted on this blog is questionable, and appears to be aimed at attracting potential candidates for the degree, promising huge salaries that are above actual salaries currently being disbursed to other existing nursing informatics.  Rather than the near 100,000 dollar salary as promised, the reality is a nursing inforsalary just over half to twenty five percent less.  If anyone currently holds a position within the health care system and intends on branching out to a degree, it is recommended  that they retain their current employment while undergoing training.

So, the actual salary isn’t as high as recruiters may promise, and is affected by cost of living in economic geographical locations, negotiating skills of the applicant and the particular area of the health care industry that the applicant is attempting to enter.

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