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By: - Science - July 20, 2011
nremt practice test important tips and information

The NREMT practice test is designed to allow applicants to test their own knowledge before taking the final exam.  The NREMT practice tests can be found online through the NREMT’s website under tips for testing.  In fact, there are many ways that you can study even for the practice tests, so knowing more about these tests can be combined with any practice tests that you do.  Let us have a look at what you can try.

Firstly, there is not just one NREMT practice test, but twenty-six NREMT practice tests.  In many cases the best thing to remember about the tests is that the majority are multiple choice tests with four potential answers.  All of the tests are done via a computer testing system or CAT, which evaluates individuals independently of each other, measuring their abilities, skills and knowledge, which is both highly accurate and very fair.  Questions are graded by their importance and value versus the length or complexity of the questions.  Most testers recommend that students should breakdown the questions into easier to understand portions to save on confusion.  However, the critical thing is not to cram and to get a good night’s sleep prior to even the practice tests.  Studying regularly as you get the information and building on that whilst repeating the original information is the only way to ensure that you have a solid grasp of the concepts.  Many people are not aware that their learning needs are different, so if you have difficulties, getting assessed should be your first priority before going in for the exams and even trying the practice tests.  If you can establish your learning style and the methods by which you learn and can be tested, this will greatly help your results in the long run.  Unfortunately, unlike paper tests, the computerized version does not allow for skipping questions and going back which in a sense is very unfair.  The questions tend to use qualifying words to limit potential answers.  Reading a whole question multiple times may help some people, but it may confuse others, so try to look for keywords to make sense of it.  When it comes to the four answer questions, just eliminate the ones that make no sense first.  Most importantly, only use the criteria and information provided within the question to formulate your answer, never adding in more than you need.

The NMRET practice test is a valuable tool for preparing for the final exam for your EMS certification.  Though there is only one exam with everything included, the NMRET practice tests allow you to study each section individually and go over everything until you are sure that you are ready for the final exam.  Remember, you are best in doing the practice tests at least six months prior to your exam to let yourself absorb the information over a long period of time instead of trying to memorize it in one sitting.

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