Norelco Electric Shavers

Getting A Quality Shave

By: - Skin Care - July 8, 2011
norelco electric shavers getting a quality shave

Norelco electric shavers have been around for more than 30 years, satisfying customers throughout the United States with close cuts and quality.  Usually found in most department stores, a Norelco electric shaver runs around the 100 dollar mark.  But how does it fair compared to other shavers and is it as affordable in comparison to the value that it provides?

Norelco electric shavers use razors that contour, fitting reasonably snuggly into the average male hand as it is being used.  Weighing in at a mere 1 pound, the Norelco electric shaver measures a mere 6 inches in length.  However, one of the biggest draw backs is that the razor blades are more expensive than those on other shavers in their class, so it is recommended that if you buy one that you strictly follow the care instructions when your shaver is not in use.  Unlike the bulkier and heavier shavers on the market over the years, dropping this one could cause serious damage, even break the blades.  The blades alone to replace can cost up to forty dollars a piece which is not a cheap thing at all.  Another issue with the razor is that the cleaning mechanism known as the jet cleaning system is hardly anything that you cannot do without.  Apparently the cleaning system should get rid of any stubbles or hairs that got missed when you cleaned the shaver yourself, but is it practical really and do you really need it?  Many would say not.

Norelco electric shavers are outstanding when it comes to shaving performance.  The average Norelco electric shaver has not just one, but three heads that can shave at least half of a face easily without causing any nicks before the blades need to be quickly cleaned.  Because there are tiny slots for the hair to push into, the blade can smoothly move backwards and forwards, chopping off the hair whilst avoiding the risk of pulling at your skin which will reduce your risk of skin irritation and razor burn.  In fact, the blades lift and chop with great gentleness that you barely notice.  Being a cordless type of shaver, the Norelco recharges within only an hour, far less time than the average electric shaver, some of which take half a day to recharge, making the Norelco quick to reuse and more practical to take on trips.  Most men claim to be able to use the razor for an entire week before they have to recharge their shavers and the LED light is so practical because they know immediately if their batteries are low.  If your shaver needs a clean, another LED light lights up, but the problem with the cleaning system again is more money laid out to buy the specific cleaning solution needed to run it, frankly another issue that makes the Norelco less than the cheap product that it first appears to be.  In addition, the blades are housed individually in individual holders.  These can be popped out easily by opening the lid to clean the blades if desired.  In fact, if you are going to buy yourself a Norelco anyway, cleaning in this way proves to be far less expensive and is simply more practical.  As far as the blades are concerned, they last for years, some claiming that they can last up to about 5, and this alone saves you money when you finally have to replace the blades.

The bottom line is that the Norelco’s electric shaver is highly recommended by those who use it.  Noise-wise, it is very quiet, though still has the traditional hum, just at a lower decibel level than other razors of its kind.  The price paid is about average for a cheap electric razor, but hardly reflective of the additional costs that you will incur by using the cleaning system and cleaning fluid for the blades.  On a scale of one to ten, this razor definitely comes out at an 8, losing points only for affordability over the long-run and a cleaning system, though useful, it is rather expensive to run.

Each of the blades is individually housed inside of their own holder. You can pop the lid open and remove these blades to clean them if you wish. A lot of times this is the way I like to clean mine; it is a lot cheaper than using their solution to clean your blades. I have had this particular model for over five years and have not had to replace the blades as of yet. I am sure that it is due for new blades but they do not make it cheaper for you to afford this every time that they need it.

I highly recommend purchasing one of these for yourself or one as a gift for your son. You will not be disappointed with the outcome of your razor. The only problem is that the cleaning system is just a gimmick in my book, other than that the razor does a wonderful job.

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