Nordic Track Recumbent Exercise Bike - Reviews

Nordic Track Recumbent Exercise Bike – Reviews

By: - Fitness Equipment - October 14, 2011
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Earlier in 2011, the newest version of the Nordic Track recumbent bike model GX4.0 was released to the market. Though it was expected to be a great addition to the Nordic Track family, and to some, it certainly is, some people were a bit disappointed in the Nordic Track recumbent exercise bike once it finally hit the market. The bike had been talked up a lot and most reviews say, though the bike is good for those amateur at home exercisers, bottom line is the quality of the bike just isn’t up to par for those who are serious about an exercise bike at home.

Some of the features of the Nordic Track recumbent bike include an easy glide seat adjustment, 20 resistance levels, heart rate monitor, iFit compatible, 24 different exercise programs, an iPod port, and adjustable handlebars and foot straps. Though these things sound great, and they are, of course, you can probably find the same thing at your local gym in their modified exercise bikes. Part of the reason reviews are so mixed for the Nordic Track recumbent bike model GX4.0 is it was advertised as being the “next big thing” from Nordic Track and just ended up being a normal exercise bike.

The Nordic Track recumbent exercise bike, model GX4.0 retails for about $599 and you will get free shipping if you order from their website. Though reviews are mixed, you shouldn’t think this is a horrible bike, it isn’t at all actually, it certainly does have some nice features and gets the job done. The reviews prove that as well. The Nordic Track recumbent exercise bike, model GX4.0 was just expected to be more than it is.

If you like the Nordic Track brand and looking for something a bit better than the recumbent bike model GX4.0, consider the U400 model. Though it is a bit more expensive, it certainly will not break the bank if you are willing to spend $599 on the GX4.0 model. The U400 is also a recumbent exercise bike, but has many more programs and adjustments available.

In general, if you are overweight or a beginner when it comes to exercising, the recumbent exercise bike is probably best for you, but you probably shouldn’t spend the money on purchasing a bike for your home unless you are sure you will stick with it in the long run. Take the money and put it into a gym membership. If you like it as much as you expect, buy a bike in a few months.