Nordic Track Elliptical %E2%94%80 Machines Recommended By Trainers World Wide

Nordic Track Elliptical ─ Machines Recommended By Trainers World Wide

By: - Fitness Equipment - July 14, 2011
nordic track elliptical %E2%94%80 machines recommended by trainers world wide

Nordic Track Elliptical trainers are descended from the original Nordic ski machines of the 1980’s.  The company (now), Icon Health and Fitness has a full line of Nordic Tracks Elliptical trainers for at-home use designed to be the best treadmills in the business.

Nordic Track Elliptical trainers are some of the most popular machines used in health clubs and in homes.  They provide a fully body indoor workout to advantage weight loss.

The 2010 line of new Nordic Tracks Elliptical feature unique ergonomics and a number of features not found on other exercise machines.  The newer machines are designed to accommodate heavy use.  Some fold for compact storage.

One Pro toward Nordic Track Elliptical trainers is that most who purchase them seem happy with the over-all machine. Users say the smooth glide of the machine entices them to work out.

However, there are some objections against Nordic Tracks Elliptical trainers  in the assembly of the machines.  This includes somewhat luke warm responses from Icon customer services.  The machines are reported to be noisy and tend to wear out quickly if their assembly alignment is not accurate.

Personal trainers and fitness professionals recommend the Nordic Track Elliptical Trainer because of such things as a better incline adjustment.   Fitness Professionals in general agree the Nordic Tracks Ellipticals offer near gym quality training at an affordable price.

There are a number of ellipticals in the Nordic line that provide smooth movement to work the major muscle groups with low impact on joints and bones.  The training zone within the Nordic Track machines depends upon the pace of the user.  One selects their own incline and resistance level and the machines senses the pace of the user.  A simple push of a button changes the incline and resistance level.

Console lights on the ‘training zone’ feature of the Nordic Track Ellipticals informs the user what level they work in through warm up, weight loss, aerobic or endurance training.  A cooling system provides invigorating breeze during the workout.  Nordic ellipticals are compatible with IFit programs in order to customize the user’s workout and to add new programs.  The machines are equipped with 19 preset programs.  Heart rate sensors built into the handgrips allow accurate reading of the user’s pulse.

Models include:

NordicTrack Free Strider 35S Elliptical─  all-in-one stepper/elliptical

NordicTrack Pathfinder─  easy assembly, lower noise level

NordicTrack Audio Strider 990 Pro─ with heavier flywheel.

NordicTrack Audio Strider 990─ starter cardio machine

NordicTrack E5vi Elliptical─ targets different muscle groups

Nordic Track ASR 700─ elliptical trainer with interactive video games and IFit technology.