No No Hair Removal Scam - Does It Work

No No Hair Removal Scam – Does It Work?

By: - Product Reviews - October 14, 2011
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If you are like many people who watch television, you have probably seen the commercial for a product called No No. It is a seemingly magical hair removal system that is known worldwide for its power at removing hair anywhere on the body. The questions you surely are asking after seeing that commercial is: “Does No No hair removal work?” and “Is this a No No hair removal scam?”

The answer to both of these questions can be found by looking at the page for the No No hair removal system. As of the date of this writing, customers at rate the No No hair removal system at 1.6/5 stars. That information alone is probably enough to answer the question “Does No No hair removal work?” but we will have to look a bit deeper into these reviews to answer the question of “Is this a No No hair removal scam?”

Since 114 of the 133 current reviews on for No No were 1 star, it certainly wasn’t difficult to find one.  The most common words to describe No No are “useless”, “worthless”, “not worth the money”, “doesn’t work” and “hassle”. This is a product that retails for $225 – $300 depending on the model so many people were not happy about buying it then having it not work. According to some of the reviews, this product can get a little “scam-y” as well. For instance, just because a product doesn’t work may not necessarily mean it’s a scam, it just means it is a poor product and you shouldn’t buy it. However, once you do buy it, it is very difficult, according to reviews, to return it, and this is where the No No hair removal scam can come in. Basically this company is selling products that don’t work then refusing to take them back.

The company that sells No No states that this is a revolution in hair removal and you will be amazed at home well, over time, the product works. Perhaps that is the key here, that “over time” bit. People may not be using it long enough in some cases. Though that is a good theory, there are several reviews just on the first page from one website that was researched saying these people have used it for a year or more with no results. So, when asking the question “Does No No hair removal work?”, the answer is, no no.