Nizoral Shampoo Hair Loss

The Review

By: - Hair - August 30, 2011
nizoral shampoo hair loss the review

One of the most serious blows to the esteem of anyone is hair loss.  Of the most preening that we do prior to an evening on the town, a very large focus is on how the grass on the top of the hill looks to others.  The thought of a receding hair  line or intermittent hair loss from patches of the scalp is a daunting thought indeed, so when people begin to suspect this is going on, they reach for what ever remedy exists on the market.  Below, we’ll discuss two of these reputed claims to hair loss reversal, Nizoral shampoo hair loss and Dutasteride hair loss.

First at the gate is Nizoral Shampoo hair loss.  This much touted shampoo is said to be one of the best on the market and with nothing but great reviews from those whose profession is the critiquing of hair loss products.  This shampoo is said to reverse any hair loss but it is sold as an anti bacterial shampoo geared toward dandruff sufferers.  Hormonal activity in the scalp is what is thought to cause hair loss and it is this activity that creates a lot of inflammation of the skin.  The adverse results of this are severe pain and irritation, and moderate forms of irritation as well like tingling or itching within the scalp too.  This shampoo is said to stop that and eliminate the inflammation.  It is the itch that you feel in your scalp that is accelerating hair loss.  This shampoo is said not only to stop that itching but actually stop the balding process as well.  That is what makes it such a popular shampoo for preventative hair loss today.

The second shampoo, is Dutasteride hair loss.  Used in the treatment of what is called Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL), this product is widely sold and used in countries other than the US, where it is still undergoing clinical trials.  Officials and the US FDA have reported that the results thus far in the investigative process are good ones and the future for this hair loss treatment formual to be on shelves in the future are looking quite good.

So there you have it, two very great products, Nizoral Shampoo hair loss and Dutasteride hair loss are potential solutions to the issues that you are having however it is recommended that before you apply anything to your scalp that you consult your doctor or dermatologist for this and other possible solutions to your hair loss and scalp irritation issues.

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