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Men's Feet Reborn

By: - Shoes - July 4, 2011
nike braata mens feet reborn

Nike Braata are a series of mens’ shoes that are as affordable as they are comfortable and performance driven.  The durability of the Nike Braata shoes are specially designed to provide classical coolness with complete versatility for the practical guy in every man.

Nike Braata are made with minimalism in mind.  They are aesthetically pleasing without being too ostentatious and are made with quality materials for a thoughtful, yet low key presentation.  In fact, men benefit by the richness of the natural materials, their feet kept healthy and comfortable as they go about their lives, even playing in more rigorous environments.

The latest of the Braata range for men include the 6.0, a special men’s shoe that inspire extraordinary comfort and a plush feel.  Made from suede, the shoe is comfortable both inside and around the edges where the foot enters the shoe.  Nike Braata have been specially designed with the comfort and durability needed by surfers.  It has insole and sockliner areas that have no seams, creating the smoothest feel imaginable for the almost bare feet sensation.  Best of all, like all Nike Braata shoes, this particular type has a lightweight and cushioned tongue, which further adds to your foot’s comfort.  Additionally, the shoe has a tongue that is both elasticated and gusseted, meaning that the laces can be removed and the shoe can be used like a standard slip on.  Best of all, the added bonus comes through the features found in the insole, something that was further geared for skateboarders.

The Braata is lighter, more durable and more environmentally friendly than its competitors.  Its canvas comes from varied renewable type sources and its superflexible interior creates a grasping sole for serious surfers and skateboarders, keeping feet firmly onboard and pedaling as fast as possible without wearing out the sole of the shoe because the sole has the additional protection and support of rubber taping, not just the cheap type, but the best that money can buy.

So, if you were to have a choice between the regular and old-fashioned surfer shoe, the skateboarder runners and the Braata, what would work for you? Realistically, you can have all three and still make the biggest splash imagineable for a fraction of the combined costs! Skateboarding and surfing has never been so economical.  The bottom line – your sport deserves an easy break and your feet deserve to be pampered as they perform, right?

Photo: surfing – copyright 2010 Shalom Jacobovitz – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0 General,

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