New Balance Minimus Road - Reviews And Information

New Balance Minimus Road – Reviews And Information

By: - Product Reviews - October 19, 2011
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One of the newest running shoes on the market is from the New Balance Company. The New Balance Minimus Road is one of the hottest shoes for 2011 and they are actually quite unusual when compared to other running shoes on the market. The New Balance Minimus Road shoes were inspired by running barefoot, which means they are extremely light weight and have almost no sole. The average weight for the men’s version is 8.2 ounces, for women, 6.6 ounces.  The sole is only about 4.4 millimeters.

The Minimus Road shoes allow the foot to sit in the show in an anatomically correct fashion. The show also allows the tows to spread on impact, which is one of the positive things about the barefoot running trend. With a rounded heel, the shoe minimizes hard heel strikes which can help eliminate heel problems in the future. The shoes are said to feel great, like they are actually part of your feet. With their wrap design, they literally wrap around your entire foot, more like a sock than a normal shoe.

Reviews for the New Balance Minimus Road shoes are quite positive. One reviewer suggested that you buy the shoe a half size larger than your normal size as they run a bit small. New Balance shoe reviews, in general are quite good and for the Minimus Road, there is no exception. Another reviewer stated that “these shoes wanted to run fast, no matter what I did”. Yet another reviewer stated that the shoes are called “Minimus” for a reason, they have everything that you need in a running shoe and not a speck more.

Additional New Balance shoe reviews rate the Minimus Road shoe at about 4.5/5 stars. Many say that this shoe was worth waiting for and they cannot wait to get their hands on another pair. These shoes come highly recommended from various New Balance shoe reviews and in fact, it was difficult to find anything bad to say about the Minimus. There were a few reviews that thought the shoes were too expensive, but New Balance shoes, in general, are more expensive than other well known brands. You should expect to spend about $100, but may be able to find less desirable colors of the Minimus for about $80.

Overall, when going over all of the reviews, if you have $100 and looking for a new running shoe, you should surely check out the New Balance Minimus Road.