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The Pros And Cons

By: - Health & Fitness - July 5, 2011
nanston dental the pros and cons

Who likes to visit the dentist office, especially when it has been an extremely long time since you last went and you can expect nothing but the stuffy, passive staff, the sterilized air and piercing sounds of drilling instruments?  I hadn’t been to a dentist’s office in ages and I must admit, I had my doubts when my friend recommended visiting a local office called Nanston Dental.

A dentist is a dentist, is a dentist.  I’d been to the Nanston Dental Clinic before and one of the biggest reasons that I didn’t bother going back for regular check ups was more for the administrative end of mess ups with regards to insurance and billing.  They’re not the fastest administrators on the track when it comes to processing information and getting the billing matters resolved, so I have to hope that this wrinkle like headache can resolve itself with a little more astuteness and circumspection.

Walking into Nanston Dental Clinic for the first time, since they’d moved into the new fascility, all of my earlier prejudices toward the typical torture like scenario were quickly swept aside by the professional, yet comfortable atmosphere that set my tension in large part, to the side.  I felt considered from the time that I entered the Nanston Dental Clinic to the moment that I sat down in their waiting area before a large, flat television to the moment that a Nanston reception staff member took down my information.  With her calm, easy demeanor and ready smile, my tension began to subside even more to the point that I didn’t think that the experience I was about to have at the Nanston Dental was going to be so bad after all.

All of that was fine and well, however, I feel that it took a little longer than expected to be tended to and when I was, it felt as though I were on some sort of assembly line of sorts.  I was passed from one person to the next, each time undergoing a different procedure.  First it was the x rays, then the next person scraped my teeth clean and the third was the dental hygienist.  All those people and they don’t have one that can handle all three procedures?  They knew what they were doing at least and I got out of there without much problem although the boredom that a guy can face while lying there, staring up at the ceiling can be anticipated.  Needless to say, there are some things that they can do to mitigate the lengthy wait times, and the inevitable boredome… ceiling televisions would be a great addition rather than stare up at the roof to bear witness to the endless array of water and heating pipes woven throughout the complex.  So while the waiting area and the receptionist was a big plus, the assembly line and half complete building didn’t really appeal to me much.

Nanston Dental did a good job on my teeth, albeit not really quick enough for my liking and with a lack of customer tweaks like comfort considereations ie: open ceilings with no televisions and a longer than usual wait time and billing issues.  I’m hopeful that the proverbial bite doesn’t come in the form of a misguided billing statement further down the calendar line.

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