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Rivalling Those Acrylic Nails

By: - Nails - July 20, 2011
nail shellac rivalling those acrylic nails

Nail shellac began as a crazy craze to allow some interesting designs that were sometimes rivaling those of acrylic nails.  Since 2010 the craze for nail shellac design ideas has been going strong, revolutionizing how women do their own nails.  In fact, what makes many women like them is the applications can last up to about fourteen days.  They are perfect from start to finish.

Nail shellac produces designer nails that even after fourteen long days never cease to shimmer or shine.  It is very hard to scratch them and they are almost impossible to smudge and removing them only takes three simple steps without causing any damage to the natural nail.  Nail shellac design is a hot commodity in many US cities, including places such as San Antonio, Texas.  There the number of visitors to their site has been increasing dramatically and because many consumers found it hard to find real shellac to do their nails at home, many people had no choice, but to turn to shellac designers to do the job for them.  However, that has all changed as all nail supplies companies carry the shellac needed to get the job done.  These can also be bought from online stores, but be warned that just because shellac products are carried by online websites, it is not to be confused with the site’s endorsement of the products, or a recommendation of the best products.  You simply have to choose the right one after doing your research if you really want to take advantage of that fourteen days of shellac beautiful nails.  If you prefer, ask your local nail salon for the best tips as they can better point you in the direction of a shellac that is not only affordable, but of the highest quality.

Nail shellac can be applied to your nails by yourself by watching one of the many free online tutorials on major video how to sites.  There you can learn how to make your nails last fourteen days and what type of shellacs you need to include.  It will show you with detailed demonstrations how to make the most out of your shellacked nails and get the perfect design.  In fact, you will learn how to develop your own shellac nail design with simple techniques that are being used in the salons today.  However, the best feedback you can ever get is your own satisfaction.  Though there may be thousands of women out there that appreciate shellac style nails, nothing beats your own creations or those done by professionals.

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