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Finding The Healthy Alternative

By: - Muscle Building - July 4, 2011
muscle milk finding the healthy alternative

If you are wondering what Muscle Milk is and where to find a good and reliable Muscle Milk review, you have come to the right place.  Firstly, if you are into bodybuilding, this is one of the latest market proteins to assist you in building your muscles in what the manufacturer’s believe is a healthy fashion.  It comes in three tasty flavours, including the usual vanilla, strawberry and chocolate and has a taste that makes it different from most whey protein type products.

Muscle milk is definitely an exception because of the taste.  It has recently added in additional flavours that many similar protein products do not have.  You can now choose between the original flavours and root beer, rocky road, pina colada, orange cream, mocha, cookies and cream, blueberries and cream and banana cream.  Simply put, protein has never tasted so good.  However, as part of this Muscle Milk review, you have to consider the bodybuilding attributes, or lack there of, because you are not going to buy this simply for the flavor, right?  Well, the product combines peptides and proteins, including additional ingredients such as canola oil (good if you are not intolerant or allergic to the oil or oils in general), bovine colustrum (or cow mother’s milk), whey based peptides, concentrated whey, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, beta caseins and micellar alpha.  But why are these so beneficial?

Muscle Milk uses these ingredients because the caseins are easy to digest and thus are easily absorbed to allow proteins to work at their best.  The bovine colostrums helps in boosting the immune system and enabling growth, which if you are bodybuilding is ideal because your muscles will respond in a similar way to when they were fed by your own mother’s milk or equivalent.  All in all, this means that as this Muscle Milk review shows, you are getting exceptional nutrition and thus good value for your money.  However, though the nutritional value is outstanding, you will have to pay more than average protein powders because the ingredients are second to none.  Despite the added cost, the value you are getting and the boost to your nutrition for building healthy and long-lasting muscles is much higher than those found in most other protein formulations.  The bottom line is that this product is tasty, long lasting and really works.  It is definitely worth buying because you are not just getting whey protein with added minerals and vitamins, many of which you can only partially absorb.  In fact, because the absorption of the nutrients found in this milk are much better, your chances of building your muscles faster is better.

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