Murphy Bed Plans

Planning Ahead

By: - Home Improvement - July 20, 2011
murphy bed plans planning ahead

Ah, the Murphy bed, the chance to have a decent bed without a cramped lifestyle.  What more could you ask for, eh? Well, if you cannot afford a kit, then maybe your only answer is to search for some Murphy bed plans online.  Though it may seem a fair bit of work for a bed, at least you can guarantee that you get the style of bed that you want and the satisfaction of knowing that you built it yourself.  So, what do you need to do once you have your plans? Let us begin with the essential Murphy bed planning.

Murphy bed planning is as said, important if you want to use any Murphy bed plans.  You need to have a unit or wall construction to put your bed to benefit from having one.  Ideally, you need to find ample space to put your Murphy bed, especially when it is out and you need to use it.  It may sit on its side against the wall per se or inside of a closet, but you need that extra space to open it in, so remember positioning within your room is vital.  If you install your mechanism and bed so it opens the wrong way, you have a problem to deal with and no bed to use.  So, your next step  is to determine the materials you need to use and the design you wish to try.  Wood is usually easier and can blend in with any existing wooden furniture that you have nearby.  However, if you want a bed to fit into a more modern scene, you could tuck it into an alcove, even a build an alcove and pull a curtain across as some young people are doing whilst in university residences.  You should also ensure that you have all the necessary screws, bolts, tools and work bench items needed to complete the job.  You should prepare the area in which the bed will sit and also ensure that all kickboards are removed where needed to fit in your bed and any cabinetry.

Murphy bed planning can be done in advance of building using your Murphy bed plans.  Some things are very easy to figure out and common sense tells you that the area you have to work in will have to be clean, free of clutter and easily accessible to an open window to allow fumes, dust and other toxic particles to be released outside and not into the rest of your home.  Most importantly, ensure that you have covered yourself for safety, including goggles, proper gloves, appropriate fitting clothing and steel toed work boots.  Yes, if you accidently drop your bed frame on your foot whilst working, at least you will not suffer broken toes!

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