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By: - Home Improvement - July 20, 2011
murphy bed kit learning more

A Murphy bed kit is the best way for you have the Murphy bed that you always wanted.  Though there are plan out there to build your own, generally Murphy bed kits are a far better choice if your DIY skills are pretty limited.  Best of all, you can guarantee reasonably that the kit that you get will have the appropriate instructions and even in some cases the cabinetry you need to ensure that your bed is installed correctly.  Of course, if you cannot do basic DIY, you may still need to get help with your installation.  So, what important things do you need to know before attempting to even use a kit?

Murphy bed kits were created for those with a reasonable amount of basic knowledge of how to use tools and the general things associated with where you can and cannot attach screws.  If you can handle a screwdriver and can at least get some input from friends and family in case you run into trouble, there is no reason why you can handle installing your own Murphy bed kit.  Began in as we know them today in the 1900s, the traditional North American Murphy bed became a practical thing for people to use with little space and overcrowded homes.  However, what you need to consider is first your skills in DIY and, secondly, the type of kit you are going to use.  As such many kits have instructions that are easy to follow, but if you are still unsure, you can find online plans that give you the basics visually for those who find seeing the construction process easier than reading about it.  Obviously you need to understand the basic lingo and the terms used for basic construction of cabinetry within a home.  You should be able to use a hammer, tape measure, level, glue gun, drill and at least a screwdriver.  If you have never used these before then you should consider a practice run and get tools that you can handle.  You may be excited about getting a power drill, but realistically if you have never used one before, getting a high powered one is like handing a race car with power steering to a beginner driver.  You have to consider safety first and so you should have at least protective goggles and work gloves.  If you have never done this before, find a friend or family member who has experience in DIY and listen to them carefully.

The Murphy bed kit was designed for convenience and for those who could at least handle basic DIY.  Though we all have some DIY savvy, getting Murphy bed kits is one thing, but putting them in is another.  Ideally, you will need extra help as mounting the mattress or even putting in a large sized Murphy mechanism may require extra pairs of hands to ensure that you do not wrench any screws you have out of the wall.  Most importantly, if you ask your kit provider for the kit that matches your skills, the chances are that you will handle the installation quite well.

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