Murphy Bed Ikea

Carrying On A Prehistoric Tradition

By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
murphy bed ikea carrying on a prehistoric tradition

Once you have bought your Murphy bed Ikea, how do you install it? Well, Murphy beds Ikea should come with instructions, but this is usually only for how to install your bed into a prepared area that is already created for holding a Murphy bed.  However, if you want to know more about the installation and how to fit your Murphy bed in as if it had been built with your home, then you should read this interesting information to learn how it is done.

Before you buy your Murphy bed Ikea, you need to install cabinetry.  Usually the cabinetry would come with the bed, but because Murphy beds Ikea just come with the bed and the mechanism in most cases, you will need to create a tuck away type closet that allows enough room for your bed to be raised and lowered, as well as being secure enough for you to support the bed during this process.  If you have carpeting or soft flooring, you will need to install the cradle of the bed within its cabinet, closet or wall section, if that is what you are using for support, ensuring that your bed is lined up appropriately, marking all locations where screws and other items will be attached within to support the bed.  You should not have to remove any carpeting, but you will have to create holes in the carpeting for any attachment points needed for securing the bed in place.  At this point, you should carefully pull your carpeting away from the points so you can drill in the needed holes, but be careful not to let the carpet fling back as it could rip.  Next, after attaching your cradle and installing your bed as instructed,   However, before you use any Murphy beds Ikea or any type of Murphy bed, always ensure that your screws are tight and will not slide out of your wall and cabinetry.  As such, the safest way to achieve this is to use wall plugs which will grip onto the backside of the wall or cabinetry and prevent any wear and tear from pulling the screws free.  Remember that secure attachments are mandatory to avoid the bed from falling out unexpectedly and causing damage to your cabinet doors, your walls, your floor and even your or someone else.  Remember also that the weight of the bed will tug at the wall or cabinetry when you have it secured and will increase in pressure on the screws and what is holding them when a mattress and bedding are in place.

Once your Murphy bed Ikea is installed safely, you can start using it.  Though the standard mechanisms and installations for most Murphy beds Ikea are similar, always check with your local DIY expert or hardware store expert to ensure that the installation applies to your cabinetry and wall.  If your bed comes with cabinetry then your job will be that much easier, so you will probably want to consider paying the extra to avoid support and other safety issues.

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